How to Dye my Hair Light Brown from Dark Brown

How to Dye my Hair Light Brown from Dark Brown

One of the greatest fears when changing colour to light brown is the result, rather than the desired you end up having an unnatural green colour and of course anything but beautiful. To prevent this from happening, on we explain how to dye your hair light brown from dark brown to make it look beautiful, bright and without any green!

Steps to follow:

The first step is to choose an appropriate tone. Ash brown and gold colors have a greater tendency to end up turning green under the sun, so it is best to turn away from them and opt for more natural tones or reddish bases and completely avoid this unwanted effect.

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Take into account what is your base colour and what has been the experience in previous occasions. If every time you try to dye it brown it turns green perhaps it is appropriate to slightly darken your hair before trying again with this color.

Remember that if you have dyed your hair before, your initial color, will not be the one you were born with, so you should take into account the base you currently have. In this way, if you have never dyed your hair, you'll only be able to lighten it one shade.


Choose not only natural tones for a natural effect, but also quality goods you know that let you get the result you want. If you are going from a lighter colour to light brown use a 10 volume developer to darken and a 20 volume if yours is the opposite case and want to clarify, the developer must be mixed in equal parts with the dye.


Protect your hands with gloves and apply all the colour in your hair evenly, it is best to do it with your hands to better manipulate the dye and completely cover your hair.


Leave the product on your hair for the time indicated in the instructions, then remove with water until it comes out completely clear. It is important that after dying brown or any other colour, you apply a good conditioner or mask to your hair, so you can recover and look beautiful and bright.

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If you want to change to a light brown colour but it comes out too dark, like black or deep red, it is best to go to your hairdresser . An expert can make the change in a more professional manner. Keep in mind that you will probably need several applications to reach the desired tone, if so have patience, think that waiting will be worth it.

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