How to Dry Hair to Add Volume

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Dry Hair to Add Volume

Having voluminous hair that's full of movement is something that many girls want, especially those with very smooth or fine hair.

However, nothing is too difficult if the proper technique is used. OneHowTo shows you some fool-proof tips for you to discover how to dry hair to add volume and get the hair you've always wanted. Give your mane plenty of movement and body! Read on and discover how.

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Steps to follow:

Wave goodbye to limp, lank locks! If you really want to increase the volume of your hair it is important to change some habits when washing and combing your hair to boost volume.

Start by choosing specialised products to add volume to hair. These will help make the drying and styling process more effective.


But not everything has to do with using a good product, the way in which you use it will also make the difference between a bountiful head of hair and a lifeless one. To start, it's important not to overuse hair masks or conditioners as they can weigh down your hair, making it look flat. Always apply a small amount and do it from halfway down the hair down, never apply to the roots.

Now for an important trick: The final rinse when washing your hair should be done face-down. Run your fingers through your hair to remove product residue that may remain in the hair. Then turn off the water and wrap your hair in a towel. This simple trick of rinsing your hair face-down will help give your hair that extra volume and it will look fabulous!

How to Dry Hair to Add Volume - Step 2

Keep your hair wrapped in a towel for at least 5 minutes to absorb moisture. Then remove the towel without rubbing you hair to avoid increasing frizz and comb your hair. Use some styling cream to increase the volume and help fix it in place. This will help keep the style achieved with the hairdryer of your hair intact for longer.


Now it's time dry your hair to give i volume. To begin, it is best to use a flat comb, as opposed to a round one, as it help manage hair more effectively.

Put your hair to one side and start drying whilst using the flat comb. When dry, flip your hair to the other side and repeat. This will prevent flattening your hair against your head; instead, it will be full of life and lustre.

How to Dry Hair to Add Volume - Step 4

Once you've dried on both sides, put your head down and dry your hair. Use the flat comb or your fingers if your hair is very short. This is one of the sure-fire tricks when drying hair to add volume. It prevents the roots from sticking to the scalp and gives it more body.

When you lift your head you'll notice right away that your hair looks more voluminous and full of movement.

How to Dry Hair to Add Volume - Step 5

For the final touch, comb your hair whilst keeping your head upside down, which will increase movement in the roots. You can detangle it without weighing it down, finishing off the work you've done flawlessly.

Using a lightweight hairspray or fixing product can be a good idea if your hair is very fine and smooth, as this type of hair can lose volume faster.

How to Dry Hair to Add Volume - Step 6

If you want to soften your hair, as well as drying hair to boost volume, use a round brush instead of a regular one to make it easier to smooth the strands. It is advisable to start the same way: first dry a portion of hair to one side and then another, holding the lock of hair at all times and pointing the hairdryer toward the ceiling, never downwards.

Finish by drying hair upside down to stimulate movement, as explained above.


However, these are not the only tricks that should be implemented when it comes to increasing body of your hair. One very important trick is to choose the best haircut to boost the volume in your hair.

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How to Dry Hair to Add Volume
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How to Dry Hair to Add Volume

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