How to Dress to Look Thinner - Tips & Advice

How to Dress to Look Thinner - Tips & Advice

Maintaining a healthy weight is always important, as is accepting and taking advantage of your curves. So forget about those parts of your body you hate and take a look at some of these good tips on how to dress to look thinner.

Avoid extremes

Wearing loose clothing does nothing to hide those extra kilos, it makes you look bigger, so choose garments that highlight your figure rather than hide it and that fit comfortably and are not too large or too small. These extremes will not allow you to take advantage of your shape.


Beware of prints

No matter what is in fashion, large patterns and horizontal stripes widen your figure, so if you want to look thinner, opt for small prints and monochromatic pieces like a nice dress or a pant suit for the office in the same color.


Accessories are your allies

A nice necklace or a cute hair accessory help draw attention to the face and keep the focus away from those parts that you may not want anyone to notice, plus they are a great way to add a nice touch to your outfit. Balance them out and, like with the prints, do not choose pieces that are too ornate or large.


Flatter your curves

If you have big hips, choose clothes that highlight your shape, such as straight pants and dresses in plain fabrics, with discrete but attractive necklines and sleeveless blouses. Pants in very light colors, skirts and frilly clothes with pockets on the sides draw attention to the areas you are attempting to hide.

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Pay attention to the length of skirts and dresses

If you want to look taller and not shorten your figure, remember that dresses and skirts should go to the knee or slightly below. If you use the same color stockings, the skirt will have a slimmer and stylish look.


Cleverly use colours

Everyone knows that dark colors such as black, navy, brown or grey make you look thinner, so make them your allies in the areas you want to hide and combine them with other colors to create a great style.

Try on clothes and experiment

These are basic and general rules, but everybody is different. This is why you should always try on clothes to test out shapes and designs that enhance your figure and help you put forward your best self.

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  • Take time to evaluate your clothes, try different combinations and see what looks best on you
  • Always avoid drawing attention to the areas you want to hide, immediately discard all clothing that does this
  • Combine these recommendations with a healthy diet and regular exercise for great results