How to Dress like a typical Frat Boy

How to Dress like a typical Frat Boy
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Frat, short for fraternity means brotherhood. Every college in the US has a group of boys who belong to a fraternity. They usually treat one another as a brothers, builds muscles and body, party hard with beer, go after women and basically have fun. One way to distinguish a frat boy from other students is by the way they dress. The dressing sense of frat boys has evolved a lot along with the changing fashion and sometimes their dress code is nothing short of a fashion statement. But there are some key pieces of dressing which remains the same. If you want to know how to dress like a typical frat boy then keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

Shirts, T-shirts and Polo shirts

The three essential clothing items in every frat boy’s wardrobe are: Shirts, T-shirts and Polo shirts. A well fitting collared shirt or fishing shirt can be perfect. Also, the shirt should be clean, nice and semi-casual. So, stock up your dresser with some branded shirts.

The next best items are t-shirts and polo shirts, which can be worn on a daily basis. Make sure that both are simple, plain or striped. Don’t go for one with lots of designs or monograms. A basic t-shirt look will be the best for frat boy look. Also, you can opt for fraternity jerseys. Fraternity jerseys are both cool and unique.

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Shorts or Pants

The next essential item is shorts and/or pants. Both shorts and pants play an integral part in frat boy dressing. Opt for plain solid colored ones such as simple khakis or Nantucket red. Also, you can indulge occasionally on solid green or blue colored pants / shorts in a darker shade. Fraternity style does not include large imprints or plaid designs on shorts or pants. Also, make sure that your pants or shorts do not have cargo pockets. Always opt for one that has minimal pockets. Branded shorts or pants can create a suave look. But you can also try non-branded ones which meet the criteria.

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For a formal look, a Tuxedo is the safest bet. A well fitted tuxedo is what we are talking about. So, if possible buy one instead of renting. It may be a bit hard on your purse string. But once bought, the tuxedo will be worth it.


Two words: boat shoes. They are versatile and can be worn anywhere in any situation. Whether you are at a pool party or in a basketball game, you can always rely on a pair of boat shoes. So, stock up as many boat shoes as you can. The most popular brand for boat shoes are Sebago, Sperries and Polo.

In case you want to introduce a little change in your shoe wardrobe then you can go for boots. One of the best boots is LL Bean Boot. It is sturdy, stylish and can even last a lifetime.

Belts and Ties

A nice brown, black or dark tan belt is the safest option. You can opt for a belt with your state flag or university logo or any other typical design on it.

Simple, solid color plain tie or bow tie can be added for a formal look. Make sure that your tie is color coordinated with the rest of your outfit. Frat boys can typically wear a tie half untied with a shirt and shorts as a more informal look too.

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Hats and Sunglasses

Other accessories typical of every frat boy are hats and sunglasses. Brand new hat are a strict no. You may buy a new hat but make sure it has the right look which balances between brand new and dirty. An extremely dirty hat is also not acceptable. So, the best hat should be the one which looks the one worn everyday but cleaner.

Sunglasses are simply extremely essential. You may give all other accessories a miss but never the sunglasses. Ray-ban Wayfarer gives a classic frat boy look. It is the safest option to choose from when you are in doubt. Stock on a number of high quality sunglasses and you are good to go.

One other item is watch. A watch gives a clean suave look. It will also help you in standing out. A branded wrist watch gives a cool edge to any frat dude look.

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