How to Dress If I Have Hourglass Figure

How to Dress If I Have Hourglass Figure

If anything characterises hourglass figures, it is prominent curves that, as the name suggests, form the shape of an hourglass. Although it is one of the most desired body types, it is important to choose the right clothing to balance your shape, accentuate those killer curves and hide those areas you feel less comfortable with.

Do you want to know how to dress if you have an hourglass figure so that you always look beautiful and elegant? In this OneHowTo article we'll let you in on the best tricks to enhance your gorgeous figure.

What's an hourglass figure like?

This curvaceous figure is defined by very specific characteristics:

  • Proportionate hips and shoulders that are very similar in width.
  • Very defined waist.
  • Curvy body.

Whether you're thin or are more voluptuous, you are lucky as this body type is always proportional. However, weight gain is quite noticeable because it tends to show on areas such as the hips or chest. This is kind of figure is flaunted by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara and Eva Longoria.

What to avoid if you have hourglass figure

Although curves are the ultimate symbol of femininity, when dressing for an hourglass body it is very important to know which clothes are not flattering and which make you look out-of-proportion. With this in mind, we recommend clearing the following out of your wardrobe:

  • Low-rise trousers. This type of cut makes this area look wider, making the body shape look out of proportion.
  • Ruffled or pleated skirts - they increase the size of the hips.
  • Oversized shirts, jerseys or tops as they will create a bulking effect.
  • Blouses, shirts, etc. with ruffles, bows and details that increase volume, especially in the chest area.

Trousers for an hourglass figure

As we explained above, this type of figure looks best with high-waisted trousers or those that finish high on the hips. Avoid low-rise ones that emphasise hips and make them look bulkier. Dark colours are always your best bet because they give the figure a sleek and slender shape, slimming down your hips and bum.

Avoid large pockets and opt for straight cuts that are not too tight to the body. Fitted trousers are perfect - skinny jeans or drainpipe jeans will emphasise your curves too much, making you look less proportionate. Those with vertical lines will also look great on your body shape.

On the other hand it is best to avoid leggings of any kind as these accentuate your curves a bit too much.

V-neckline and a good bra

When dressing your hourglass body, do not forget the proportion of your chest. This shape is characterised by an ample chest; therefore it is essential to choose a good bra can lift and flatter.

Similarly, V-necklines are great for hourglass women as it draws the eye to this area. Shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys etc. should always end under your hip, the perfect spot for your body. Avoid clothes that are too long; turtlenecks; large prints and, as already mentioned above; all garments with volume at the top because thy will inevitably give you a boxy look.

Shirts, tops or blouses that can be cinched at the waist, or combined with a belt in this small area are perfect. They help focus attention on this small area, emphasising your sexy shape.

Dresses belted at the waist. Your best bet!

If there is something that celebrities worldwide have shown us, it's that dresses that are tight at the waist and tight to the body are great for an hourglass figure, highlighting curves beautifully. Belted straight skirts are also super flattering as they provide balance and create a sensual effect.

Oversized cuts should be avoided as they do not slenderise the figure in the same way.

Pencil skirts, your best allies

Pencil skirts - those that nip in at the waist and have a flattering cut - are the perfect wardrobe staple that project both a professional and elegant look. If you wear it just above the knee, it will make you look taller. However, you could also opt for shorter designs that show off the legs - perfect for a night out with friends.

The best accessories for this figure

When dressing an hourglass figure, don't overlook the accessories. High heels are great for women with this body because they help to make the body look leaner and making curves look positively fabulous. If you cannot bear wearing these shoes, we recommend checking out our article for tricks to put up with heels and wear them without any issues.

When choosing necklaces, avoid ornate options and opt for simple designs that are long and fall to the waist or just above the bust and go for simple lines. Ornate pieces are not flattering for these body types.

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