How to Dress for the Opera

How to Dress for the Opera

Going to opera is to go to a sophisticated event where you must attend in your finest gala clothing. Both you and your partner must show your most elegant side and enjoy a sensory experience that is the spectacle of opera.But may be you are not sure how to dress for the opera and are unsure whether your usual daily outfits lack that special something that is required for this kind of event. Relax, because in this oneHOWTO article we've got your back. Read onto find out some tips so you know how to dress for the opera through various proposals that will adapt to all styles.

In a classic style

One of the ways that you can dress for the opera is opting for something classic and sophisticated. This never fails! At OneHowTo we propose a black maxi dress, that is long, with a conservative neckline, accompanied by black heel shoes and a black blazer with hints of vivid or glamorous colors, for example can choose a blazer in shiny tones or with sequins.

A small and elegant clutch bag will be the perfect complement to make you shine on your night at the opera.


A little more risky and trendy

If you are a modern and bold woman, you can opt for a look which is less conventional but equally sophisticated: animal print. A subtle snakeskin dress such as that worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the picture is an excellent option for the opera.

However, the animal print is risky and can be very informal. To counteract this effect you must combine with traditional elements to give a touch of formality. In the picture, you will see how the actress has opted for a fur scarf, a pair of gloves and elegant shoes.


With a short dress

Currently you can be elegant and sophisticated in either a short or long dress. That is why, in this section we propose you dress for the opera with an above-the-knee dress that will show your more sensual and feminine side. But you should not forget the event which you will be attending. You must add sophisticated elements to your outfit that reduce the informality of your clothing: a clutch bag, some jewelry and a blazer can be your star accessories.

You should also take into account the fabric your dress is made from, because that is another factor that will give an elegant touch: chooses a satin or silk outfit that will help you shine like a star.


With white clothing

It is a different and totally elegant option: go to opera in a white dress to leave the crowd breathless. White tends to be reserved for day events, summery occasions and less sophisticated contexts. However, if you selected your white dress well and accompany it with accessories that increase its elegant side the outcome can be great and powerful as the image we show you.

To give your look a more formal touch, opt for putting your hair up, maybe in a bun or elaborated style; avoid loose hair because it could remind people of a beach look.


With a red dress

Who can forget Julia Roberts' legendary dress in Pretty Woman? When they go to go to the opera, Richard Gere buys an incredible red dress accompanied by a pair of white gloves and a diamond necklace as a finishing touch.

Well, there is no need to go as fancy as Pretty Woman, but a red dress is a perfect option combine the most elegant part of you in this elegant event. Go for a long dress or one below the knees and put up your hair in an elegant style. You will look radiant.

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