How to Drape a Saree to Hide the Tummy

How to Drape a Saree to Hide the Tummy
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There is no reason why you shouldn't look good in any clothes even if you have some extra fat in your belly. Some women might have a flabby tummy after pregnancy, even when other parts of her body remain in shape. Also, there are other women who are naturally plump and have a greater amount of fat at her belly region. If you're worried the extra fat on your belly will make you look bad on a saree you're wrong. If worn in the right way, sarees can be perfect to hide a tummy and make you look perfect. Saree on one hand can be used to flaunt a slim body and on other hand can also be used to hide your problem area such as a flabby tummy. Read this OneHowTo article and find out how to drape a saree to hide the tummy.

No low waist saree

The only reason to wear a low waist saree is to flaunt your midriff. But if your tummy is your problem area then avoid low waist saree as it will bare your hanging tummy which doesn’t look much flattering.

Less number of pleats

If you have a flabby tummy then you must make minimum number of pleats possible. A greater number of pleats will puff up your saree when you tuck it in and will put the focus on your tummy region.

Avoid traditional fabrics

If you have belly fat and you are opting for sarees made of traditional fabrics like tant, banarasi or other fabrics then it will look unflattering on your body. When you tuck in the pleats of such saree it will prove to be a bit difficult. Also it will puff up a bit in the tummy region and highlight your tummy.

If it is necessary to wear sarees made of traditional fabrics then adjust the pleats such that they do not fall at one place only. Also, do not make too many pleats.

Avoid saree with broad border

Broad borders in a saree accentuate a woman’s curves. So, if you don't want to show off your tummy region then opt for dark saree with subtle border or saree with no border at all. Borderless saree just flows along and prevents you from looking voluminous.

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Saree with long blouse

Usually a blouse ends at the region before your tummy starts. But if tummy is your problem area then you can opt for a long blouse along with your saree. Long blouse will cover your midriff and hide your problem area, and it will also make you look taller and thinner overall. For ways to drape a half saree and hide your tummy, check our article on the different half saree styles.

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Stylish jacket over saree

Stylish jackets over your saree will instantly glam up your look. Also, a jacket will help to hide your tummy region, guiding the eyes to the jacket and not the tummy area. Beside it will make you stand out in crowd.

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