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How to Do the Okinawa Diet

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Do the Okinawa Diet

If you want to lose weight, you have tried everything and do not know what else you can do to succeed, in OneHowTo.com we explain how to do the Okinawa diet. This diet is inspired by the Japanese diet and is based on eating foods which are low in fat, low in calories and healthy. Born in the Japanese island of Okinawa, this diet will allow you to lead a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically, as well as raising your quality of life. Thanks to the Okinawa diet, recommended by experts, you will be able to lose weight while enjoying a long and high-quality life. Lose those extra pounds by reading our article on how to do the Okinawa diet, you'll notice the difference.

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  1. Okinawa diet: pillars
  2. Okinawa diet: major foods
  3. Okinawa diet: menu
  4. Okinawa diet: precautions

Okinawa diet: pillars

The Okinawa diet is designed to achieve a balance between body and soul through healthy eating. The inhabitants of the southern part of Japan where this diet originates from are the people with the longest life expectancy in the world and due to this it is considered that their eating habits are like a medicine for the body. The Okinawa diet has four pillars: food, exercise, relaxation and happiness. The mixture of them will grant you a healthy and fulfilling life.

How to Do the Okinawa Diet - Okinawa diet: pillars

Okinawa diet: major foods

To do the Okinawa diet, other than taking into account the basic pillars that will determine your lifestyle, you should consider one of the most important aspects: the food you should eat. In this diet, fruit and vegetables predominate, as well as seaweed. Animal foods are consumed, but in smaller amounts. To keep in mind:

  • Pasta and rice are essential foods in the diet. As is soy, which can be consumed raw or in sauce.
  • Vegetables should represent 70% of the diet.
  • Fish should be the most abundant animal product in your meals. You can eat fish between one and three times daily.
  • You can consume only once a day eggs or a piece of red meat.
  • Products rich in calcium are basic to maintaining strong bones and reduce the chances of suffering from osteoporosis. Consume this through milk or vegetables like broccoli.
  • To carry out a good Okinawa diet the abundant consumption of tea is essential. Black and green tea are best because they have cleansing and antioxidant properties.
  • As with any diet, it is also important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. So consume between 1 and 2 litres per day (8 to 12 glasses), minimum.
How to Do the Okinawa Diet - Okinawa diet: major foods

Okinawa diet: menu

Here we present a classic menu for the Okinawa diet. If you do this diet, please consult a nutritionist, he or she will give you the proper guidelines so you can make a daily menu which is healthy and balanced.

  • Breakfast: tea and soy yoghurt.
  • Mid-morning: bowl of whole-grain rice (100g approx.) and tea.
  • Lunch: lean meat (or grilled tofu) with raw, boiled or steamed vegetables. You can eat as many vegetables as you want.
  • Afternoon snack: boiled egg and tea.
  • Late afternoon snack: Soy yoghurt with cereal, a piece of fruit and an infusion.
  • Dinner: Serving of fish and as much fruit as you want.

Okinawa diet: precautions

Perfection does not exist. As with any diet, there are risks that you should consider as not all slimming diets are suitable for everyone. For example, reducing consumption of red meat, though it may be good for most people, is not recommended for pregnant women, women with heavy periods or people with anemia, as this may cause deficiencies in them. Furthermore, because it is a diet in which no dairy products are ingested, you should replace these products with calcium-rich foods.

Finally, keep in mind that radical changes are not good for our body. If you want to follow the Okinawa diet. It is recommended that you start introducing the dietary changes slowly, until your body adjusts and so suffers no serious consequences. It is also important to remember that to stay healthy and in good shape, besides losing weight through dietary restructuring, you must practice moderate sport. Mens sana in corpore sano!

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How to Do the Okinawa Diet