How to Do Glass Nail Art

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Do Glass Nail Art

Nail art continues to reinvent itself and there are many novel designs that we can use on our fingernails. A new trend has reached us from Korea. It is called glass nail art and it creates a bright, three-dimensional effect on the nails that makes them look as if they had small pieces of broken glass on them. If you also want to sign up to this trend and give your nails an original look then pay attention to this OneHowTo article. We show you step by step how to do glass nail art so that your nails reproduce the image of a diamond or gemstone.

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Steps to follow:

Before you start making the glass nail art with a spectacular result it is important that you prepare your nails. You should clean them with nail polish remover (preferably acetone free) to remove the remains of any old nail polish, file them into the desired shape and remove the cuticles. We recommend that you check our article how to remove nail cuticles for more information.

When treating cuticles you need to be very careful as these are essential for healthy nails as they protect them from infection. First moisturize the cuticles with a an oil developed for this use and then with a manicure stick remove them by pushing the cuticles back. Avoid cutting them and instead remove excess strips with a cuticle remover, an instrument specially designed for this task.

How to Do Glass Nail Art - Step 1

Nails with a broken glass effect can be made in two different ways. The first is to directly acquire a jar of tiny crystals for nails which you will find in specialty stores and the second is to home make this manicure. We will focus on the latter and show you all the steps you need to take. The first thing is to gather the necessary materials. These are:

  • Nail base: you can choose the color you want, but for a striking effect we recommended dark shades like black, grey, navy, brown, purple, etc.
  • Varnish top coat: this kind of varnish will serve to extend the life of your glass nails design.
  • Cellophane paper: this kind of paper is ideal for creating a diamond effect on nails as, depending on how the light hits the nail, it will reflect different colors. You can also choose other cellophane colors according to the tone you want to have on your manicure. It is simply a matter of taste!
  • Eyebrow tweezers
  • Scissors

When you have the necessary materials you can start making this magnificent nail design based on small crystals. The first step is to create these crystals. To do so cut a piece of cellophane and make small triangles, which will be what adheres to the nails to get the effect you want. Once there are have enough leave them stacked in a corner of the table so they are not lost, we will use them later.

In the picture you can see the kind of film we are talking about and which you will need to buy to do glass nail art.

How to Do Glass Nail Art - Step 3

The next step is to apply an initial layer of transparent glaze as a top coat and then a layer of the colored glaze you have chosen. As discussed, it is preferable to use dark colors as the design becomes more striking and the crystals shinier. Wait for the nails to dry and then apply a second coat of nail color on the nails.


With your nails perfectly painted it is time to start pasting the crystals onto them. You should do this one by one as follows: first, apply a base coat of transparent top coat varnish and let it dry, then put the cellophane triangles on the nail using tweezers, place them on the nails unevenly and in an unstructured way. Press the cellophane crystals down with a cotton swab to have them attach well to the nails.

How to Do Glass Nail Art - Step 5

When you have finished this procedure on all nails you just have to apply a final coat of transparent top coat varnish to seal the design and make it stay intact for longer. In this way you can have great glass nails that are spectacular and will not go unnoticed. They will look great as part of any outfit for day or night.

How to Do Glass Nail Art - Step 6

Although the dark glazes are great and enhance the brightness of this nail design you can also do glass nails with lighter colored varnishes resulting in a more natural look that can be worn with more casual looks. As you can see in the image the result is also extremely flattering.

How to Do Glass Nail Art - Step 7

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How to Do Glass Nail Art
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How to Do Glass Nail Art

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