How to do Ecaille Hair Color Technique

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to do Ecaille Hair Color Technique

Those golden buttery highlights look as if sun rays are gliding over her beautiful mane – this is the first impression one gets after looking at hair treated with Ecaille Hair color. The beautiful Ecaille has suddenly become the new rage among all fashionistas. It’s beautiful, shiny sun- kissed appearance can transform any plain Jane hair cut into a treat for eyes. If you want to try this hot new trend then keep on reading this OneHowTo article on How to do Ecaille Hair color technique.

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What is Ecaille Hair Color?

The French word Ecaille means tortoiseshell and hence it is also referred as ‘Tortoiseshell technique’. After applying the Ecaille hair color technique your hair has a rich base color which is highlighted with warm, caramel and golden tones. Generally people think Ecaille is all about golden highlights but you need to realize there are many different warm tones too like mahogany, chestnuts and others.

Ecaille looks best on

Ecaille hair color looks best on blondes and brunettes. But if you have dark hairs then don’t worry because Ecaille will look awesome on you too. Ecaille hair color technique suits all hair and skin tones. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to choose the color which makes it seem that your hair is effortlessly transiting from a rich dark tone to soft light tones.

Note: Blondes might need to deepen their base color so that the richness and contrast of the highlights can be visible.

How to do Ecaille Hair Color Technique - Ecaille looks best on

Ecaille Hair Color Technique

  • Base Color: For virgin hair, this step can be skipped. This step is necessary for those who want to shift their base color to a bit lighter or darker tone. Also, this step is necessary if you need retouching the new growth.
  • Formulation: People who had never colored their hair should choose three or more colors which are two to three levels lighter or darker than their base color. If you don’t have virgin hair then choose a color formulation needed to create the lighter color.
  • Placement: Choose the two darkest colors among the selected colors and then start from the nape. Begin with two section of darkest color and then one section of medium color. Repeat it till low occipital. After reaching the low occipital change the pattern. Now apply one section medium color, one section light and one section dark. Repeat it till 1 inch above the ears. Again change the pattern from one inch above the hair. Here apply one section medium, one section light, one section dark, one section medium, one section light and then repeat the pattern.At the top of head keep alternating between medium and light. Here, eliminate the dark completely.
  • Punctuation of light: Keep the lightest and brightest color for the fringe section. You can also customize accent pieces of hair with this color.
  • Toning: The last step is toning, which comes after processing and shampooing your hair. Toning will be done on all pre-lightened sections. You should avoid punctuation of light while toning and formulate for that section separately.

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How to do Ecaille Hair Color Technique
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How to do Ecaille Hair Color Technique

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