How to do a Simple Updo for Long hair

How to do a Simple Updo for Long hair

Doing an updo may seem like a difficult task, but sometimes we do not realize how easy and quick it can be to create a simple and easy updo with your hair. At oneHOWTO we'll show you a simple way to wear your hair that works for any occasion. Pay attention:

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Steps to follow:

The first step to do a simple updo for long hair is to comb your hair well and gather it into a low ponytail. The smoother and longer your hair is, the better it will look.


Smooth down the ponytail with a brush.


Next, divide the top part of the ponytail in two (the part before the band). It is important to have the parts divided evenly.


Put the ponytail through the hole you created by dividing the top part.

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Repeat this step but leave two locks on each side without putting them through.

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Stick them in making sure you cover the parts you think necessary and secure with bobby pins.


Use some hairspray and voilà! There you have your simple updo.


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