How to do a Natural Makeup Look Easily

How to do a Natural Makeup Look Easily

The natural look continues to be a trend in the world of professional makeup and what we have seen on international catwalks. This reffers to wearing makeup but without seeming to, rocking a very natural, fresh look. This is ideal to look radiant in your day to day life without the need for many cosmetics or be concerned about your appearance, as it will look healthy and flawless all day long. If you want to know how to do a natural makeup look step by step, follow the tutorial in this OneHowTo article and look like a celebrity.

Steps to follow:

To achieve a natural makeup look, first correct all the imperfections of your face with a light concealer, i.e. liquid or powder concealer. Pay special attetion to correct dark circles and camouflage any unsightly shadows under the eyes. Do not overdo it using this product.

Make sure the concealer you use is the right tone for your skin, as a tone that is too light for your skin will make you look like a panda!


Once your skin is perfect, apply a light and matte foundation. Liquid foundations that are the same colour as your skin or moisturisers like BB or CC creams are the best options. Apply a small amount of foundation on your face with a damp sponge, extending the product from the inside to the outside of your face. Blend well so there are no obvious marks, then seal the makeup with a bit of translucent powder.


Illuminator is the best tool for natural-looking makeup. It will highlight your face with a very natural effect. Apply it in the area of the centre of the nostrils, in the middle of your cheeks and on the nasal septum.


Do you know about invisible eyeliner or tightlining? This is a very subtle way to line the eyes and enhance them to look like they don't have makeup on them. Just mark your upper eye lid with a black, waterproof pencil. The result is gorgeous and perfect for a natural looking face!


To conclude your natural makeup, just apply a little blush on your cheeks, choose the colour that it is more natural to your skin. If you are light skinned, you should opt for pink, whereas brown skin tones are better with a peach colour. And for the lips, nothing beats a touch of transparent gloss to keep them juicy and bright.


If in addition to this you want to discover what you need to enhance your attractiveness, you can learn how to do a natural makeup look for eyes too!


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