How to Do 1990s Hairstyles: Easy Tutorials for Short and Long Hair

How to Do 1990s Hairstyles: Easy Tutorials for Short and Long Hair

You only need to take a look at a fashion magazine or blog to realize that nineties style is back: Mom jeans, berry lipstick, curtained hair... We are all about nostalgia feasts, film reboots and Throwback Thursdays, so of course we also love retro hairstyles.

Nineties fashion was characterized by a minimalist, anti-conformist style - with a healthy dose of grunge. Hairstyles were casual and comfortable, and they were either about volume or about quirkiness.

Stay with us at OneHowTo and learn how to do 1990s hairstyles with our easy tutorials for short and long hair.

The 90s inspired pixie cut

Many nineties stars chopped their hair into a pixie cut; it looks cool and effortless, the two ideals of 90s hairstyles. Some women like Toni Braxton wore a very short and polished pixie cut, while Winona Ryder and Natalie Imbruglia wore it shaggier and messier in a grunge style.

Unlike 21st century or older pixie cuts, this nineties hairstyle does not have any bangs. If there are bangs, they're thin strands cut in a diagonal direction, or they are straight and very short.

The flipped bob and curtained hair

Slightly longer hair was the fashion for both men and women. The "flipped bob" is textured so that the tips flip out. If you want to wear a contemporary flipped bob, get more volume and less retro-slickness by using seawater or shea spray. It should look airier and looser than in nineties pictures - unless you're going to a fancy dress party.

This kind of 90s inspired long bob should reach your chin, and it will look better if it's asymetrical. As with the pixie cut, if you want an authentic nineties look you shouldn't wear bangs unless they're thin.

During the nineties, young men wore curtained hair. The hair is longer than usual and floppy, with a long fringe and usually a middle part. While the front is long, the hair is shorter at the nape - sometimes even shaved.

90s hairstyles for mid-length hair

The most iconic 90s hairstyle is the Rachel, a mid-length haircut inspired by the character from the popular TV series Friends played by Jennifer Aniston. The Rachel has short layers with textured ends, and it's often combined with lighter highlights.

However, you can also wear your hair wavy, as long as it looks polished and very glossy. Here you can learn how to get shiny hair with natural products.

How to crimp your hair:

Most people think back to nineties crimped hair with devotion or with horror - no matter your opinion, nobody can argue that it screams nostalgia. This is a perfect look for a throwback party or to give a different, retro touch to any outfit if you have mid-length hair or longer.

You can crimp your hair with a straightener by following this easy process:

  • Start with clean, dry hair. Apply some mousse if it's usually very straight and limp.
  • Divide your hair into sections.
  • Put your hair into multiple small, tight braids, starting at the bottom sections.
  • Spray heat protector, as you'll be using a hot straightener that could damage your hair in the long run.
  • Use the straightener down each braid, pressing it flat.
  • Let them cool down.
  • Un-braid your hair and loosen it with your fingers, not with a brush.

You can also crimp your hair without a straightener. This is an easier method to crimp your hair, but you have to do it the night before. Read on:

  • Start with clean, dry hair.
  • Divide your hair into sections.
  • Braid each section. Since this method requires more natural volume, do French braids.
  • Apply hairspray.
  • Keep your braids on overnight.
  • Un-braid your hair and loosen it with your fingers, not a brush.

90s hairstyles for long hair

How to do the 90s hair flip:

Women with longer manes in the nineties often wore their hair loose, with a swoop or flip above the forehead. This is a natural way to achieve more texture and volume without too much frizz, which is what 90s long hair is all about.

This hair flip can be done with curly or straight hair, but it looks especially nostalgic if you use hot rollers to create soft, big waves.

  • Wash your hair the day before at the latest, as it will look better if you have your natural hair oils.
  • Apply saltwater spray or styling mouse.
  • Let your head hang down, letting your hair fall, and blow-dry the roots.
  • Do your hair part on the opposite side you usually do it.

How to get big 90s curls:

Another very popular look from the nineties is the big mane of small curls that Mariah Carey or Keri Russell in Felicity made so popular. To achieve that spiral look, you only need to follow this process:

  • After washing your hair, apply moisturizing serum or leave-in conditioner.
  • As you brush your hair section by section, apply styling lotion with your fingers.
  • Shake your hair so that it gets its natural shape.
  • Lift your roots with clips as the hair dries.
  • If you're in a hurry, blow dry your hair with a diffuser on low heat.
  • Set the curls with hairspray.

90s updos and hair accessories

No matter your hair length or texture, nothing says "nineties" like particular accessories and updos, which can be worn with the famous zig-zag hair part. The most iconic include:

  • Twin pigtails, buns, or braids.
  • Accent braids in loose hair.
  • Half updos: Pull the top section of your hair into a small ponytail or bun and let the rest of the hair loose.
  • Box braids.
  • Butterfly clips and hair jewelry.
  • Scrunchies.
  • Hair crystals.
  • Color streaks or highlights.
  • Wide, velvet headbands.

And to complete your nineties look, don't forget to check out our article on 90s clothing for guys and girls. Accessorize with a choker necklace and, if you want, wear shimmery eye shadow, dark berry or brown lipstick, and apply highlighter generously.

This is how to do 1990s hairstyles with our easy tutorials for short and long hair. If you have any tips or ideas, please tell us in the comments section!

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