How to Do 1940s Pin-Up Hairstyles - Easy Tutorials for Short Hair

How to Do 1940s Pin-Up Hairstyles - Easy Tutorials for Short Hair

The craze for pin-ups started in the 1940s during World War Two, when pictures of attractive, fun and glamorous women were printed by the thousands and became very popular in soldiers' lockers and planes. However, pin-up style has never gone away - in fact, in the 21st century retro pin-up style is still fashionable and bold!

The most popular hairstyles of this decade were very carefully arranged, and they had lots of volume. While long and medium-length hair were more popular, you can still make vintage-inspired hairstyles with short or bobbed hair. Stay with us at OneHowTo and learn how to do 1940s pin-up hairstyles with our easy tutorials for short hair.

How to make 1940s pin-up hairstyles for short hair

The most popular haircut of the 1940s was the "middy", a sort of u-shaped bob with lots of layers. If you have shorter than shoulder-length hair, you can easily mimic this vintage look by taking special care when arranging the hair around your face and adding as much volume as possible behind.

Curly pin-up inspired hairstyles

In the 1940s, most women wore their hair wavy or in soft curls; most white women curled it, while most black women relaxed it. No matter your hair texture or the length of your hair, if your hair is longer than an inch and a half you'll be able to get the right pin-up style curls.

You can get this look by different methods:

  • Pin curls: Apply some setting lotion on your damp hair and divide it into small sections. Wind each section around your fingers - be careful, because the direction in which you wind it will be the direction of the curl. Secure each curl with bobby pins and set with hairspray. For a more authentic look, you can also use sculptured pin curlers.
  • Hot roller curls: Apply hot rollers. Once they're out, brush the curls gently to create a softer appearance and set with hairspray.

How to make 1940s victory rolls

Although victory rolls are usually seen in longer hair, you can also wear them with short hair, even if they do look smaller. This V-shaped hairdo was very popular with fashionable women, stars and indeed pin-up girls, and nowadays rockabilly fans and vintage lovers wear them in dramatic heights and colors.

It's easier to make victory rolls with dry hair, but do apply some hairspray or setting lotion so that it holds up better. The classic version is two rolls that meet in the middle, but you can also make a sideswept single roll.

This is the easiest way to make victory rolls on short hair:

  • Part your hair at the center or side. Create a separate section for the back (all the hair behind your ears) and pin it so that it doesn't get mixed up with the rest. If you curl your hair with an iron, it will be easier.
  • Victory rolls require volume, so you can tease or backcomb each section and apply hairspray from behind.
  • With the help of hair mousse or pomade, wind the hair on one side around your finger from the tip in as if you were making a tube and place the roll on top of your head. Pin it there.
  • Do the same on the other side if you're making two victory rolls.
  • Set with hairspray.
  • You can wear the hair on the back of your head in loose curls, in a chignon, in another roll, etc. Up to you!

How to have 1940s pin-up bangs

The most famous pin-up model of all times, Betty Page, was famous for her voluminous bangs. While many people with curly hair nowadays straighten it if they want to wear a fringe, back in the 1940s a curled, frizzy bang was also fashionable.

  • Short, straight and U-shaped: The classic Betty Page look goes well with both curly or straight hair. In fact, the bangs alone are enough to make you look like a pin-up icon.
  • Longer, voluminous bangs: To get authentic 1940s volume, tease your bangs by backcombing them and add some pomade.
  • Rolled-in bangs: This style is also very retro, and it creates a frame around your face.
  • Bouffant bangs: Instead of rolling it in, roll your fringe diagonally to create a big bouffant.

How to wear your hair in a pin-up style headscarf

The headband is also an iconic accessory of the 1940s, as it was worn by factory workers and land girls during wartime. To style a vintage headscarf or turban, it's better to start with curled hair.

To do so, put on rollers on your damp hair, cover it and let it rest overnight. When you take the rollers out in the morning, pull the curls out carefully and tease them a bit with a brush. This will give your hair volume and texture.

There are many different ways of tying scarves and turbans, but for a 1940s touch you should always tie the knot above your forehead and not on the nape of your neck. You can tuck the wings of the knot inside the scarf or make a less practical but very pretty bow.

It's better not to cover all your hair, but let well-brushed bangs or arranged curls peek out to frame your face.

The best thing about pin-up style is that you can dress up as any type of character, from an exaggerated version of a factory girl to a rock and roll predecessor or even a librarian. With all these hairstyles for short hair, you'll surely find one that suits you perfectly! Make sure you get the perfect pin up makeup to totally rock your look!

If you're not convinced by bouffant bangs or headscarves, you can also try different pin-up model accessories like hats, fascinators, bows or tropical flowers.

This is how to do 1940s pin-up hairstyles with our easy tutorials for short hair; give us more ideas and share tips with the rest of our readers!

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