How To Delay Hair Growth

How To Delay Hair Growth

Lets be realistic, waxing our legs is one of those things that require dedication. It hurts a lot and costs quite some money, especially if we choose to have it done by a professional. If every time you wax your legs you pray for the hair to grow back slowly, pay attention to the advice that we are going to give you now. In OneHowTo we tell you how to delay hair growth with some simple tips which will be of great help to you.

Steps to follow:

Lemon will be of great help to delay the growth body hair. Mix a little lemon juice with a spoonful of honey. What you have to do is put this mixture on with a sponge and then remove the body hair. Check that your skin is not irritated before you wax, you will see that your body hair takes longer to appear. In addition, lemon can lighten your hair, making it less visible when it does appear.


Another tip to delay hair growth is eat soy in its various formats. Not only because it is very healthy, but because it will be your ally in weakening the growth of hair thanks to its high content in phytoestrogens. Try to incorporate soy gradually in your daily diet and you will see the results.


Use a classic pumice stone to prevent the hair growing back faster than expected or wanted. You must pass it across all the skin area where hair has been removed. Do so with caution and without putting pressure on the areas where hair grows back quickly. You will surely notice the effects. If you are not very clear about how to use this beauty tool, do not miss our article how to use a pumice stone.


A very easy remedy to delay the growth of body hair is to apply fresh milk before the moisturising cream. You must apply it with a thorough and timely massage and to allow it to penetrate well.


We have already explained the benefits of soy to delay the emergence of hair. Overall, you must go for a balanced and healthy diet made up of vegetables, fruit, lean meats and olive oils. Drink 2 litres of water a day. By doing so you will notice that whilst losing weight or simply maintaining it you will keep the hormones responsible for hair growth under control.

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