How to decorate your nails with newspaper

How to decorate your nails with newspaper

Lately, nail art is very fashionable, i.e. to create beautiful designs on the nails of your hands and feet. Although you may think otherwise, it's not difficult to do and you can get amazing results by doing it yourself at home. In this article at, we'll explain how to decorate your nails with newspaper so you can flaunt a great look with superimposed letters on your nails.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

To begin, take an old newspaper and cut out small pieces of text that are large enough to cover all of your nails. You'll need 10 little pieces, one for each nail.


Next, apply a protective base coat and paint your nails white, nude, pale pink or whichever colour you'd like in the background, but we recommend using a light colour for the letters to stand out better.


In a small bowl, add alcohol (the usual 96% ethyl alcohol works) to dip your nails in and then decorate them with the newspaper. Let them soak for about 10 seconds so that the ink is transferred correctly.


The next step is to remove your fingers from the alcohol and cover each nail with one of the bits of newspaper. Apply pressure for about 15 seconds and then remove the paper carefully. Don't overdo it or the paper will be glued to your nail.


Apply another protective coating to seal it and that's it! You'll get great results quickly and easily. So go ahead and decorate your nails with newspaper!

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