How to decorate fingernails

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to decorate fingernails

An attractive look and manicured hands is something that every woman wants, and clearly a nicely done manicure always helps. Today fashion points to creativity and this is also reflected in the way you paint your nails, so just for one day dare to put aside your usual colours and have fun learning how to decorate the your fingernails with simple and original shapes.

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If you want to be original without overdoing it you can start by choosing two colours of nail polish that you really like and combine these, e.g. fuchsia and violet. Now simply paint a nail in each colour alternating them, making it look more fun with a nail in each colour. Another option is to paint all your nails the same colour except one, this will give you an original touch without being very flamboyant. Foto

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Another simple idea is to choose two colours that combine well, such as green and yellow, and paint the nail a half in each colour. For this you just need tape to protect the side of the nail you are not painting for and getting symmetrical finish. Here creativity is the premise, so you can do it in vertical, horizontal, diagonal position or a nail with each combination, all with following the same line or whatever you want


French style manicures are very trendy and are simple to do, giving the appearance of perfectly whitened fingernails. To to it, you need the French manicure adhesive adhesive found in any beauty or speciality store, clear gloss and whatever colour you want to add to the tip instead of white. You only have to paint the adhesive in that tone, apply and go. For example, you can use the white adhesive and paint the nails in colours, paint each adhesive in a different colour and have a colourful manicure or do the French manicure and then using a varnish decorate by adding a detail like in this photo Photo

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Add a designer touch to your manicure with nail stencils found in speciality stores, from discreet shines to to bright flowers and mixed forms. They are very simple to use: you need only paint the nail, apply the stencil before the polish dries and using a think decorating brush make a shape around the stencil, then cover it with clear nail varnish to protect it. The same can also be applied to your toes for summer days!


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If you are patient and you have a steady hand then you can do designs yourself on your nails. To do this you need a varnish of your choice and some other ones with a special thin brush to decorate, you can find these in specialist shops, then just paint your nails as you like and with the thinnest brush do the drawing of your choice. To start you can experiment with lines, dots or simple flowers to start perfecting the art. Foto

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If you want something more elaborate but you do not have patience then Konad is your best option. They are suppliers of nail print kits, from the simplest to really elaborate decorations, you can visit their website and see what they have


Finally remember to be creative. Sometimes this does not require much work so you can decorate your nails using motifs from parties and celebrations such as Halloween (orange and black), Christmas (red and green), or Valentine's (pink and red), or take advantage of each season's fashion colours, so your look will always be something to talk about


No matter what style you choose do not forget to care for your nails to always look beautiful and to apply moisturising treatments so your hands are softer and more beautiful

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  • Uses many colours to coordinate and follow the trendy tones of the season so you stand out more
  • Have fun while you do it, it is true that you need time and patience but the results are worth it

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How to decorate fingernails
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How to decorate fingernails

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