How To Cover Upper Lip Shadows With Makeup

How To Cover Upper Lip Shadows With Makeup

Whether through excessive sun exposure, hormonal changes or constant waxing, you may develop a dark upper lip. This can leave you a victim of very unflattering shadows. If you notice that this area is darker than the rest of your face and want to know how to have even, beautiful skin, keep reading. OneHOWTO will reveal how to cover upper lip shadows with makeup easily and quickly.

Prepare your upper lip area for makeup

Before we attempt to hide mustache shadow with makeup, we must prep the skin. Start by scrubbing and cleansing your skin with a gentle facial cleanser to remove any oil or dirt. We also advise you to use a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells, for a truly blank canvas. Then, apply a soothing face cream to protect your skin from UV rays, since one of the main causes of these shadows is due to overexposure to the sun. It is therefore essential that when choosing your face cream, you make sure that the formula contains a fairly high protection factor (SPF).

What is the best concealer for dark upper lip?

Once you've applied your moisturizer evenly all over your face and have let it sink into your skin, it's time to prime. A makeup primer is key to achieving a smooth and airbrushed appearance, even for girls with a mustache. After you're primed, use the following tricks to hide your upper lip shadows with makeup. The main cosmetic product that will help conceal and disguise them to perfection is concealer, but what concealer do you need exactly? What is the best concealer for dark upper lip? Upper lip shadows need a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin color. A color correcting palette can help you find the shade that is right for you.

To apply the concealer on your mustache, you only have to put a little bit of the product on the tip of your finger. Then, with the same finger or a small concealer brush, spread it by lightly dabbing it to completely cover the darker area. Use quick and light motions to apply the concealer and avoid moving it around too much. Dabbing is key.

Even out your whole face

When you have fully blended in your concealer and are happy with the coverage, it's time for foundation. You can apply your normal foundation to even out the tone of your face. However, we recommended a mineral foundation as it clings less to the hair. Be especially careful when applying it in the area that you have lightened with the concealer to avoid spoiling the effect. Brush the foundation over your top lip, following the direction of hair growth. On oneHOWTO we show you in detail how to properly apply foundation with a sponge.

Powder and set in place

For the finishing touch to your makeup, apply some sheer or translucent powder. Be sure to use it sparingly with a large clean brush. Powder can emphasize hairs on the face but a small amount will help the longevity of foundation. Within seconds you will be able to hide your shadows with makeup, covering them up completely and sporting an even tone and very beautiful skin.

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