How to Combine a Man's Hat

How to Combine a Man's Hat

The hat remains to this day a basic accessory for many men. After a long run in the world of fashion, the hat has developed into may different forms and types and adapted to the different trends, cultures and even to the character of the wearer. Originally the hat was used to protect from the sun, cold and moisture, but it did not take long for it to become an fashion statement in its own right for both men and women.

In the following OneHowTo article we'll give you the keys to know how to combine a man's hat. Find out what the latest trends and best men's outfits are and get that perfect look. Do you dare try with a hat?

Types of men's hats

In order to find the hat that best fits your taste, you should be familiar with the different styles and their names. From the top hat for formal occasions and the traditional bowler hat to the informal Borsalino, fedora and the casual Panama hat, each type of hat is perfect for a given occasion.

No matter if it is a beret or an elegant hat, what is important is that it be an accessory to the outfit as opposed to its centerpiece. You can select the hat that you like best and combine it with your clothes, as the most common men's hats are usually very versatile and fit multiple styles and occasions. You supply the character and style.

Among them all, the Borsalino is undoubtedly the quintessential hat. With an Italian cut and style, it is currently a very fashionable accessory for men. Meanwhile, trends suggest that caps, with a more street-like style, have become the defining accessory of youthful urban outfits. Consider your style and add the most suitable hat to that image.

Casual men's hats

The best thing for a casual look is a beret or a flat cap. Its soft texture allows it to comfortably suit any type of head. Previously these were associated with the army or old rural men, but today they are a perfect complement for a man in jeans and a sweater, giving a casual, masculine and urban touch to your outfit in a true Parisian style.


Urban men's hats

Street fashion gives you the opportunity to show off the latest in fashionable hats. You can pick and choose from sporty, informal street caps - in a classic style or in skateboard lines - to wool or fabric knitted caps that, besides than keeping you warm when it is cold, will balance your outfit. The great versatility of styles and their colorful variety make urban men's hats a great option for creating current, casual and carefree looks.

The famous Borsalino or fedorais perfect for a young and casual hipster look. You can combine it with jeans and plaid shirt, or you can wear it with a sharp suit like in a gangster movie. The versatility of this hat has made it one of the most famous items in men's fashion. If you are looking for an outfit that is both modern and alternative then this is a great choice.


Elegant men's hats

No hat is smarter than a top hat. It was formerly used by the nineteenth-century bourgeoisie, but today there are still many who wear it at big events such as weddings. Rather than stuffy and conservative, today the top hat looks artistic and even ironic. We must not forget the classic bowler hat, a sure hit if trying to balance out an elegant English style outfit.

However, to give elegance and sobriety to a more modern look, choosing a Fedora will be a sure success. Known by the name Borsalino (in honor of its designer), these men's hats can be the best finishing touch to a casual outfit that is also elegant. Choose the type of fedora you like best and do not forget your trench coat. How about combining a Borsalino with a shirt and a blazer? A perfect outfit for elegant men.


Summer hats for men

Many associate hats to winter, but it is worth remembering that a hat can protect you from the heat and direct sunlight in the summer. There are hats that can give you a beach-like and casual style, such as Panama straw hats.

Panama hats maintain the masculine line and give your image a sure cool factor. You will find these in different colors that can easily be combined with your Bermuda shorts or Capris and a white shirt, in true Ibiza style, with a cheerful Hawaiian shirt or with a youthful and fun t-shirt.


How to choose a man's hat

In order to combine a man's hat, the most important thing is to know which hat to wear and how. You can create your outfit based on a hat or simply use it as a finishing touch to a planned outfit. Either way, it is easy to look great with a hat.

First of all, know which style suits you. Take a look at the shape of your face as the hat should be proportioned. A good way to know if a hat is right for you is to refer to the top of your forehead, as this will determine how wide the brim of your hat should be.

To find a hat that fits you properly you must choose one with an opposite shape to that of your face. That is, if you have a square face it's best to select a curved brim hat; if your face is long it's best that the wings are straight and long.

Finally, remember that the hat should be the finishing touch to your style, without downplaying the rest of your outfit. It is an accessory and therefore you must integrate it, though in all circumstances it will define your style and your look. Now that you know how to combine a man's hat, what kind of hat is right for you?


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