How to Choose the Right Red Dye for You

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Choose the Right Red Dye for You

Are you thinking of dying your hair red but do not know exactly what shade to choose? The color of your skin, the kind of haircut that you currently have and your own style are some of the essential factors that you must take into account. That way, you'll make sure the final result is as flattering as it should be and you'll look fiery and radiant.

In the following OneHowTo article we will help you with this task and present you with some useful tips on how choose the right red dye for you with extra measures that will help the color stay at its best for longer.

Steps to follow:

There are multiple factors that can determine what hair dye you should choose, especially when you're considering a red shade - the change can be very noticeable, so you should take some time to think it over.

The first thing to do is find the undertone of your skin; oddly enough, this is what will help you find the right tone for your hair. You only need to know how to combine shades. Skin types are classified in three main groups:

  • Cool undertones: Skin with pink, red, blue or olive hues. Veins in the wrist look blue.
  • Warm undertones: Skin with orange, yellow or golden hues. Veins in the wrist look green.
  • Neutral undertones: Mixed hues.
How to Choose the Right Red Dye for You - Step 1

Still can't distinguish what your skin's undertones? Pay attention to the following trick. Now look into your eyes in the mirror:

  • Cool undertones: Eyes tend to be blue, gray, green, black or very dark brown eyes.
  • Warm undertones: Eyes are often soft hazel, light brown or green.

Now that you already know your skin tone, it's time to choose the right red dye for you according to the characteristics that we have determined above.

For cool undertones it is advisable to go for the most intense colors. We're talking about wild reds, such as a bright red or burgundy. For this type of skin, it is better to avoid the warmer shades such as bronzes or reds with golden bases, as they may change or even distort the appearance of your face, giving it a yellowish hue.

If you have a warm undertones, it will be best to keep it in tune with your coloring. Therefore, we recommend betting on warm colors as well. How about a brown mahogany or golden-based red or copper? Vigorous, fiery reds will help you look radiant, while bright will not get anything right.

How to Choose the Right Red Dye for You - Step 3

On the other hand, when you choose the right shade of red for you, you must consider the base color of your current hair. You may need to re-dye it several times so that the color grips well and gives you the glamorous tone that you like.

Our advice is to always start with strong colors, since the shade will tone down as you wash it. Remember that hair expels dye as time goes on, which results in the color washing out.


It is also important to note that dying your hair often - especially with intense colors such as bright red - can end up damaging it quite heavily. Therefore, we recommend applying the dye by carefully following the manufacturer's instructions to get the ideal tone.

Remember that it's better if you don't wash it too often in order to avoid ruining the color.The use of dry shampoo is ideal to keep your hair well-cared for and free of grease.

How to Choose the Right Red Dye for You - Step 5

To keep the red shade of your hair for far longer we recommend you always rinse it with cold water. Although it may seem unpleasant, it will help the dye to stay on for longer. To protect your dyed hair you should use conditioner and hair masks, which will bring light and shine to your hair and make the most of its radiance.


Caring for your dyed hair is essential to make sure the red color looks perfect every day. If you opt for a red tint for the summer, we recommend you avoid swimming pools at least until 10 days after having dyed it. Another good tip to help you care for your red hair is to use special shampoos and conditioners for red hair, which will protect the color. Finally, avoid exposing your hair to the sun too much.

How to Choose the Right Red Dye for You - Step 7

These are some of our tips so that you know how to choose the right red dye for you and how to keep it radiant and soft for longer. But remember: the most important thing is to follow your own style and preferences. Decide if you want to look more natural, more fun, more daring or more poppy. Which do you prefer?

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How to Choose the Right Red Dye for You
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How to Choose the Right Red Dye for You

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