How to Choose a Saree to Go with your Body Shape

How to Choose a Saree to Go with your Body Shape

A Saree is the most elegant traditional Indian attire. A well chosen saree can increase your beauty manifold and turn the spotlight on you. The right saree not only dramatically changes your look but it is also capable of hiding any flaw in the body. Choosing the right saree depends on many factors like draping style, fabric, colour, embroidery, body type etc. But having an elaborate discussion on all these topics will confuse you even more. So, narrowing down its best to discuss one of the main factors when choosing a saree, which is why at oneHOWTO we'd like to show you how to choose a saree to go with your body shape so you can choose the best saree according to your height and body shape.

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Sarees for pear shaped body

Women whose lower body is heavier compared to their upper body have pear-shaped body. This means that they will usually have wider hips and thighs whereas they will have a smaller chest and shoulders.

If you want to choose the best saree for your body shape, you have to balance their upper and lower part for which fabrics like georgette and chiffon works the best. You will look best in a bright coloured saree. To make your body look proportionate, use the seedha pallu style while draping the saree. Another way to balance your shape is to wear heavy necklaces to focus the attention on the top part of your body. Sarees with small prints and embroidery works would make you look beautiful.

Sarees for apple shaped body

Women whose stomach and bust are heavier have an apple body shape, as all the volume is concentrated in the middle of your body. The best way to wear a saree with an apple shape body is to go for silk sarees, as they would look beautiful on you and you should avoid net sarees. A simple drape or ulta pallu style would look better on you. To cover your problem area the best blouse for an apple body shape is a long blouse or you can wrap your saree a little higher. We advise you to go for a more elaborate blouse and a more neutral saree color and draping too. You will look good in sarees with beautiful embroidery work.

This does not mean you cannot flaunt a half saree if you feel like it. There are plenty of tricks in our oneHOWTO article on how to look thin in half saree.

Sarees for plump women

Lightweight sarees like chiffon, crepe and georgette will give you a gorgeous and enticing look. These fabrics sit closer to your body making you look slimmer. You should stay away from stiff fabrics like cotton. Your saree should have delicate embroidery and bead work. You should opt for dark colours sarees with light borders. The saree should have a good fall due to which you will look slimmer. Full sleeve will effectively hide you flab. If you'd like to know more, take a look at our article How to choose a Saree if your are fatter.

Sarees for slim women

If you are slim and tall, then heavy sarees such as silk, brocade or tussar will accentuate your figure in the right way, especially if you have a rectangle body, meaning that you do not have excessive curves. You can go for more embroidery with big and bold prints in a variety of colours. You can carry off sleeveless, backless, halter neck and tube blouses elegantly. You can even wear a white saree and look amazing.

If you want to know more details you can take a look at our article How to wear a saree if you are thin.

Tall Women

You can look elegant in most of the sarees if you are tall, although you will have to make sure the fabric is the right measurement for your height. Kanjeevaram sarees are perfect for you due to their length and also because they are easy to drape. Raw or pure silk sarees also looks lovely on you. You can carry off heavy borders quite well. Wear necklaces and bangles to distribute the attention in different parts of your body so that there is a harmony in your look.

Sarees for short Women

If you are short in height there are several tricks to look your best in a saree. For example, you can carry off georgette and chiffon sarees with elegance. Pair it with a bare-back blouse or different embroidery work. Silk sarees would also look great on you if you are going for a narrow border. Do not plait your saree too much or you will be cutting your figure into smaller parts, which will make you look shorter. Go for sarees with vertical lines if you want to create the illusion of being taller. To know more, take a look at our article How to wear a saree if you are short.

Now you know what sarees best suit you, you may also want to know how to wear a saree in a new style.

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  • Dark or Dusky-color women should try sarees in dark colours like dark purple, dark pink, maroon, green or completely contrasting colours like off white etc.
  • Iron your cotton sarees, tissue sarees and other sarees which need to be starched otherwise they will make you look fat and big.
  • Tuck your pleats properly and neatly to get a smart and beautiful look.