How to Choose a Hand Cream

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Choose a Hand Cream

If your hands look dry and are rough to the touch, these are clear signs that they are in need of extra hydration that will repair them intensively. In the same way that you moisturize your face and other parts of your body, your hands also deserve daily care to prevent the damage caused by external factors, such as cold temperatures or regular contact with chemical products or surfaces. So if you want to enjoy excellent hydration and keep your hands feeling soft and pretty, read on for our recommendations in this article about how to choose a hand cream.

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All cosmetics firms have a wide range of creams specifically for moisturising the hands, but our recommendation is to use trusted brands that have expertise in this area. The creams by Neutrogena, for example, are clinically proven and provide effective and lasting hydration and protection while repairing the damaged skin of the hands, leaving them smoother, softer and lovelier.


In addition to selecting high quality hand creams, it's important that when it comes time to choosing one, you take other factors into account. This includes your skin type and its specific needs in order to find the cream with the most appropriate texture and moisturising effect. In the event that your hands are excessively dry and chapped, it's best to choose a cream with a concentrated formula and a fluid texture to repair your skin even in the harshest of conditions.


If, in addition to your hands being very rough, dry and chapped, you also have sensitive skin that has a propensity to become irritated, then your best option will be concentrated hand creams that don't contain formulas with perfume or chemical compounds. This way, you will protect the skin's natural barrier to the full and you can moisturise it without running the risk of having an allergic reaction.


Women with oily skin should choose a hand cream with a light texture that repairs and hydrates without leaving an oily film on the skin. Rule out those lotions containing oils and choose one that absorbs quickly to avoid your hands being greasy or slippery.


Properly moisturising your hands is something you should do throughout the year. You can also consider choosing a cream that helps you maintain youthful skin and fight the signs of ageing. In shops, you'll find creams developed especially to reduce wrinkles, diminish dark spots and curb the damage caused by UV rays from the sun.

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How to Choose a Hand Cream
How to Choose a Hand Cream

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