How to Care for your Lips Properly

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care for your Lips Properly

What's better than sporting perfect lips? This is one of the body parts that is more seductive and attractive, so it is important to keep your lips in good condition and to give them the care they need. Deep hydration, weekly exfoliation and some practices that will improve your health, this is what this OneHowTo article can offer you. Read on and know how to care for your lips properly to look irresistible and, best of all, under optimal conditions.

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Steps to follow:

To care for your lips, it is essential that you always have hydrated lips, especially in times when it is very cold or very hot because with extreme temperatures your lips will crack and dry out. For this reason, you should always carry a moisturizing balm or petroleum jelly in your handbag or man purse that will give you that much-needed hydration. In summer time, you should try to incorporate a balm with solar protection or, alternatively, apply mouth protector to prevent burning from sun rays and banish those visual wounds and cracks.

In case you already have dry lips, it is important not to try to moisten them with saliva because, when dry, the lips are even more dehydrated. So, even though it may feel like an instant relief, it is important not to do it and, instead, you must apply your moisturizer.

How to Care for your Lips Properly - Step 1

In order to have a well-kept mouth, you must also follow weekly beauty treatment consisting of exfoliating your lips and thus hide or remove any impurities that may be present in this part of the body. It is recommended that once a week you perform this exfoliation and thus, you can wear the smile you so desire.

If you want to exfoliate with home remedies then we will tell you two easy methods to follow and these use safe ingredients that you find hidden away in your home. Take note, darlings!

  • Exfoliate your lips with honey and sugar

It is one of the most effective methods to exfoliate due to the exfoliating properties of sugar, which is due to its grainy texture. It allows us to remove impurities with the moisturizing properties of honey which will give your lips an extra softness. Mix the two ingredients and then apply the paste on a toothbrush and pass it across your lips making circular movements. Finally, rinse it all off with warm water.

  • Coffee scrub and almond oil

The grain of ground coffee acts as an exfoliant because it contains little particles that help thoroughly clean the area and almond oil provides extra hydration to create lovely perfect lips. Mix the two ingredients and apply them on your lips with a brush and make small circles, then rinse with warm water.

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How to Care for your Lips Properly - Step 2

After exfoliating, is important that you give your lips extra hydration. Therefore, on OneHowTo we recommend that you apply your balm or, if you want something more powerful, prepare a lip moisturizing mask with some natural products that will help ensure that the finish is perfect. Then you can discover the best:

  • Olive oil: The moisturizing properties of olive oil repair damaged skin tissues. To do this, you only have to moisten a cotton pad with a little oil and pass it over your mouth after exfoliation. Magic!
  • Oil and avocado: If you want to get a flawless result, it is best to add a little avocado pulp to the olive oil in order to thereby obtain the rich vitamins and fatty acids that the skin needs to regenerate and become plump once again. To do this you only have to mash the avocado and add 7 drops of oil, stir and apply it all to your lips and then leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Honey: One of the best moisturizing products that you can get from nature is honey and it also contains antiseptic properties that help us to protect the skin that is on our lips. Apply a little honey and let sit for 20 minutes, remove with warm water and repeat this process weekly.

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How to Care for your Lips Properly - Step 3

Permanent lipsticks have become very fashionable lately i.e., those lipsticks that have components that allow them to last for hours and hours on our skin and these should be removed with a special cleansing agent. Well, even though they are very practical when it comes to applying makeup, it is true that they can be harming the health of our mouth and skin by drying and cracking our lips, so it is recommended that you avoid this type of lipstick and opt for others that are more creamy and also colorful to provide hydration.


For proper lip care, it is also important that hydration is not only followed externally but also internally. So it is advisable to increase your water consumption and at least drink 2 liters of water each day for the body to function properly and therefore your skin will look brighter and healthier. Besides this, it's also worth to know that foods rich in vitamin C and E, and antioxidants are the best to get younger looking skin.

How to Care for your Lips Properly - Step 5

In addition to these tips in OneHowTo we tell you some habits that you should avoid if you want to have soft and perfect lips, for example:

  • No saliva: Avoid wetting the lips with your tongue as the saliva dries out and produces horrifying cracks or wounds.
  • No skins peeling: When shriveled skin appears, you must not pluck it off with your fingers or teeth because it can cause nasty scars and wounds.
  • Do not bite: Many people tend to bite their lip but it must be avoided, since you damage, hurt and shrivel those lips due to contact with saliva.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun: If you're going to the beach or sunbathing then it is essential that you protect with sunscreen to prevent drying and spoilage.
How to Care for your Lips Properly - Step 6

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How to Care for your Lips Properly
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How to Care for your Lips Properly

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