How to Care for Red-dyed Hair with Henna Based Products

How to Care for Red-dyed Hair with Henna Based Products

Red-dyed hair is synonymous with sensuality, adventure and standing out, maybe that's why every woman has at one point wondered what life would be like with this hair color. If you dare to dye your hair red, you should know that there are many necessary treatments to keep your hair looking healthy and, most importantly, to keep its red color bright and stunning. One useful tip we can give you is to care for red-dyed hair with henna based products, as they are cheap, sometimes can be homemade, and very efficient. Discover how to care for red-dyed hair with henna based products in this article.

Steps to follow:

Red, blonde or brown, hair dye always causes havoc. The first thing you should know about how to care for red-dyed hair is that you must moisturize it. The problem with red-dyed hair is that there are very few specific moisturizers in comparison to those for black or blonde hair. You can care for red dyed hair with henna based products, specifically with henna hair moisturizers containing some of the amazing henna properties. Alternatively, you can apply an intense moisturizer such as capillary botox that penetrates to the core of the strand of hair to restore lost proteins and make it look shiny, soft and very healthy.


One important aspect for the care of red dyed hair with henna based products is using shampoo for henna dyed hair to protect your red hair. These henna based products keep your color looking at its best for longer while providing nutrients to restructure the strands damaged by the dye... You should look for special organic shampoo for henna red-dyed hair that keep your color looking its best for longer.


Red-dyed hair is very sun sensitive. Use henna based protective creams available online will stop the sun from changing the tone of your hair. Doing this also protects your hair from UV rays which damage and dry out hair.


Moisturize you hair so that it stays healthy with henna based hair masks or with special masks for dyed-hair. You can make them both at home. These home remedies are ideal for providing nutrients to your hair to help repair existing damage and to regenerate the hair with their natural ingredients. Henna based masks are a cheap homemade option for red-dyed hair.


Beware of chlorine! Pools are excellent for fun and relax, but the chlorine they contain can change the color of your red-dyed hair and make it "less pretty". If you do not want pink or orange hair, avoid pools or jacuzzis that may have chlorine or other chemicals detrimental to your hair, or avoid dipping your head in the water.


Cut your hair every two months to keep the ends from wilting and to keep your hair healthy. Similarly, dye your hair when your roots reach a length of two fingers to avoid constant coloration that can damage your hair and make it porous. Our article how often can I dye my hair explains in further detail. Instead of dying your hair often, you could use henna to revive the color from time to time. Although a common myth, it is not true that you cannot apply henna to artificially colored hair, as long as the henna is 100% natural.

It is easier, cheaper and more effective to care for red-dyed hair with henna based products.

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