How to care for long hair - Tips and ideas

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to care for long hair - Tips and ideas

Neat, silky and radiant long hair is undoubtedly one of the best weapons a woman can have to look more attractive and feminine. Also, having an extra long a mane means you can have a myriad of hairstyles and colours, adjusting to new trends. But like everything, long hair also has its disadvantages. It needs a lot of pampering and care to be healthy and strong because the most frequent problems include hair breakage and split ends. At OneHowTo we bring you some simple tips to care for long hair and keep it lively.

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Steps to follow:

Washing Method

Hair washing is the first key aspect that we must fix if we want nice shiny hair. Take notes!

  • Extra long hair needs good quality shampoo and conditioner and, of course, which is adapted to each type of hair to always keep it strong and silky.
  • Once a week, apply a nourishing mask and apply it evenly throughout the hair. This will prevent the hair being brittle and breaking.
  • Experts do not recommend washing long hair everyday because it generates its own fat and removing it from the hair will make it start to look duller. In case you have very oily hair, you can try dry shampoo on the days when you do not wash it.
  • One of the challenges of long hair is that it does not require the same care at the tips as at the roots. While the tips require a significant amount of conditioner so that they do not split, we do not apply these to the roots.
  • To wash your hair properly, start from root to tip and massage the scalp with your fingertips gently.


Once you've washed your hair, do not rub it roughly with a towel. Just slide it gently to tip to absorb any moisture. Long hair is more likely to end up in knots, so it is advisable to apply a detangling lotion before you start brushing. To detangle, use a wide tooth comb not made from plastic, and to avoid breakage, divide the hair into sections and comb it separately.

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The age of the ends of long hair makes it very important to apply extra nutrition with this kind of hair. In addition to the nourishing masks that we noted above, we can also use some Natural Remedies excellent for long hair care and to keep it well hydrated. To densify and improve each hair fiber, you can try a treatment based on almond oil or avocado. See article Home remedies for damaged hair and discover these alternatives and more.

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As in medium length or short hair, the best thing is to leave hair to dry naturally. However, this can not always happen when we have very long hair, so if you need to use the dryer, it is important to use it correctly. To avoid damaging the hair structure, first apply a heat shield and then place the dryer at a safe distance of 30 cm to start drying. It is important that you use a mild drying temperature at all times.


Combatting split ends

Among the most common problems with long hair are split ends. To combat them and make the hair grow healthy, it is imperative to regularly cut it between once a month or every two months. Also, feel free to occasionally apply special treatments or some special homemade masks for split ends.

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  • Brush your hair when dry, as wet hair is three times as fragile so you could damage it.

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How to care for long hair - Tips and ideas
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How to care for long hair - Tips and ideas

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