Caring for dyed hair

How to Care for Dyed Blond Hair

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Care for Dyed Blond Hair

If your hair is dyed blond or you are thinking of changing your look and joining team blond you must be aware that this hair tone has its disadvantages: blond hairs are weaker and, due to the lightness of the color, the deterioration of your hair's condition is more visible.

For this reason it is necessary that you care for your blond hair in order to avoid it drying at each exposure to factors such as humidity and lime scale. Discover here at OneHowTo how to care for dyed blond hair.

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Steps to follow:


For the care of blond dyed hair it is important to use products that are specific for dyed hair. These offer the nutrition and attention which your hair needs so as not to be too damaged. Choose a shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type and tone. There are products available on the market which are created especially to keep the brightness and strength of blond dyed hair.

It is also important that you change shampoos every two months, because hair becomes accustomed to a single product.

How to Care for Dyed Blond Hair - Step 1

Hair which has been dyed blond is more prone than others to become weaker because of external factors such as humidity, cold, heat, the sun, pollution, etc. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to apply a protective cream after washing it and before drying it. These products form a layer on hair that protects each strand from external damage and keeps them healthy.

Typically these creams also work as a shaping or styling lotion. You should also regularly apply a mask for damaged hair to keep it in top shape.


Apply a moisturizing mask at least once a week to care for dyed blond hair. Masks made specifically for dyed hair are ideal because they bring back the necessary moisture to keep it soft, elastic and strong.

Constant use of this kinds of nourishment will allow your hair to regain the tenacity lost in the dying process and ensure it is healthy, making it look bright and be more manageable.

How to Care for Dyed Blond Hair - Step 3

To care for hair which has been dyed blond, it is best that you avoid using straighteners and curlers. Coloring alone already presents significant damage to the hair cuticle, and adding the abrasive heat of the irons will lead to further dehydration, making the hair more porous, open and burnt.

Use the hair dryer on medium heat only and without direct application of heat onto your hair. If you must use a straightener of curler, make sure to apply a mask for dry hair afterwards to hydrate it.


Sun and water are both enemies of dyed blond hair. The sun has the capacity to burn hair in a way similar to that of straightening irons. Sea water, because of its high sodium content, can weaken hair so much it can turn it to a gum-like mass.

This is why it is necessary to care for hair during summer with the use of hats and hair sunscreens to prevent your hair from becoming a frizzy mess.


Apply hair botox after each coloring; it is an excellent tool to care for dyed blond hair and counter the damage caused by decoloration. This treatment has the capacity to deeply hydrate strands of hair to the point that results are clearly visible right after its application. After applying hair botox your hair will be soft, manageable and shiny. You can also apply it yourself at home.


There are many beauty tricks with chamomile, but one of the most famous is that it can maintain the tone of blond hair whilst bringing that desired shire. Chamomile's properties also include that of lightening hair, providing clearer and subtle reflexes that will help to conceal the opacity produced by the decoloration. You can wash your hair once a month with chamomile water to enjoy these benefits.


Finally, if the dyed blond hair is very damaged you should never forget that it is necessary to trim the ends every two months. This will help the hair strands regenerate and renew the growing phase, helping the hair to grow. To disguise the damage it is also advisable to style the hair with waves, because they bring movement to the hair and hide the damage present in the tips.

How to Care for Dyed Blond Hair - Step 8

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How to Care for Dyed Blond Hair