How to Buy Clothes - The Smart and Affordable Way

How to Buy Clothes - The Smart and Affordable Way

Most people love to go shopping, filling up our wardrobes with our latest purchases. But will we really ever wear all those clothes? We all have bought things on impulse: these items will be forgotten and left to sit in a corner of the closet, unworn and perhaps still with the labels on.

This is not a good practice; it's much smarter to spend money on clothes you actually need. When you go to renew your wardrobe, you must do so rationally while thinking about what you really need. Stay with us at oneHOWTO and we'll give you some tips on how to buy clothes - the smart and affordable way.

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Steps to follow:

Opt for items that can be used in different seasons. For example, buy two or three warm articles of clothing for the coldest days of winter, and the rest can be long-sleeved cotton shirts that you can wear under a cardigan, sweater or jacket or alone in the cooler days of spring. If you want an affordable wardrobe, layers are the way to go.


Build a good wardrobe with the necessary pieces. You can do so by choosing garments that work well for many occasions: surely a basic t-shirt, dark jeans and a good pair of shoes can keep you on the straight and narrow, no matter your age, gender or style. You can create an endless variety of outfits by combining a few basic pieces.

Basic clothes are usually plain, in solid neutral colors - like white, black, gray, beige or dark green - with no exaggerated features. This way, they don't go out of fashion as fast as other pieces of clothing.


Search for clothes that actually suit you and that go well according to your figure. You must consider factors such as the colors that suit your skin color; always try clothes on to prevent buying things that wash you out or make you look dull. Of course, you should never buy clothes too tight or too light "just in case" your size changes: be realistic.


Avoid, if possible, fashion fads. It's fine to follow some seasonal trends, but do not obsess about buying everything that's hot right now, because it will be very expensive and also you'll be a clone - just like the rest. In the long run, spending money on overpriced "trendy" items is not affordable at all, because you won't probably wear them again next season.


Choose accessories that complement your usual look so you can use the same clothes, but with a different vibe. Just by changing your shoes, bag or jewelry you'll achieve a completely different look for a more formal occasion.


Choose to do your shopping at outlets or during the sale season. You can also search in second hand and charity shops if there's something you like, you will definitely find good items there at lower prices.

Do not buy on impulse - to shop the smart and affordable way you should always know what you need before you head out. Only buy things that you will use for a long time.

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  • Buy clothes that will be useful and you can put them on for many occasions.

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How to Buy Clothes - The Smart and Affordable Way
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How to Buy Clothes - The Smart and Affordable Way
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