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How to Be more Elegant and Graceful

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Be more Elegant and Graceful

Some people seem to be born with elegance in their veins. Everything they wear looks perfect on them and the simplest outfit is utterly glamorous on their bodies, they know how to move and how to behave. But although it may seem otherwise, elegance is a concept that you can learn and can be achieved by implementing some simple tactics. At we'll give you some tips about how to be more elegant and graceful, easily and without spending all of your salary.

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Steps to follow:


To begin with, elegance isn't based on money. Not all people with money are elegant, nor are those who have less means any less elegant. Although many people think that it has to do with wearing brand name clothes, you can only wear designer clothes and yet have no clue about elegance. Elegance and grace is first and foremost an attitude.


To begin with, if you want to be more elegant and graceful, avoid clothes that are too tight for your body. Choose a clothes size that makes your figure look beautiful rather than accentuating every muscle, avoid showing lots of cleavage or revealing every kilo on your body.

How to Be more Elegant and Graceful - Step 2

Less is more is the main idea, if the goal is to look elegant. Don't wear too many accessories or prints together, and instead go for a balanced look. Accessorize an outfit with not very flashy jewelry, keep it simple, think of Parisian chic as your reference. Also, if you want to be more elegant and graceful, never allow your lingerie to be visible, your panties or bra. Boxers, in men's case shouldn't be visible.


Elegance and grace have nothing to do with the price of the clothes but how you wear them. Better a slightly less expensive shirt that fits you perfectly than a tight one that makes you look huge. Besides taking care of your clothing, it's also important to always keep your clothes ironed, free of lint and looking neat, indicating that you're someone who cares about their appearance.

How to Be more Elegant and Graceful - Step 4

If you have the opportunity to buy brand name clothes and accessories and expect to look elegant, then avoid displaying the brands ostentatiously of the items that you buy. That, far from being elegant, just shows how much you want people to know what you spend on your wardrobe. It's advisable to be discreet in this respect and not wear too many clothes with brand names all together in one outfit.


What do all men and women who were considered elegant throughout history have in common? A classic style. This doesn't mean that you can't be fashionable, but avoid things in excess, and wear colors that suit you. Learn how to choose and combine colors and don't overdo it with the prints. It's that simple.


Learn to differentiate between high heels that are bright and seductive and ones that could be from a strip club, while remembering the importance of a complete look that's balanced and appealing. An elegant person chooses each piece with care and attention to detail.

You should also take into account your make up, never overdo it and remember that the best makeup highlights and complements your beauty, without overpowering any one trait, this is why we advise you to go for natural looking makeup.

How to Be more Elegant and Graceful - Step 7

But of course, clothes aren't the only indication whether or not someone is elegant. The vocabulary you use is also very important when, after your appearance, it's how you communicate with others. Speak in a moderate voice, don't use vulgar words and always respect the other person during a conversation, even if what they say doesn't make sense.


There are certain standards of protocol and good education that an elegant person knows how to respect. Don't eat with your mouth full, don't interrupt a person while they're talking, don't chew gum during a meeting or an important event and don't lose control in public, are some of them. If you're going to a dinner party, make sure you keep good table manners at all times.

Moreover, you should remember to keep a good posture at all times, don't arch your back, put your hands in your pocket or fold your arms across, this can seem quite rude and laid back.

How to Be more Elegant and Graceful - Step 9

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How to Be more Elegant and Graceful