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How to Be a Hand Model

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Be a Hand Model

Do you feel that your hands are thin, beautiful and elegant? If so pay attention to the following OneHowTo.com article. Be open to new professional horizons and make the most of your strongest physical attributes. Follow these tips and learn how to be a hand model. With patience and keeping your hands always ready and in perfect condition, you can start an amazing career. If you qualify, you just need to spend time at the odd casting and jump into the exciting world of fashion.

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Steps to follow:


The first step to be a hand model is to see if your hands qualify. To be a good model, your hands should respond to characteristics like: being narrow, long fingers and beautiful and manicured fingernails. As well as having good, soft, smooth and flawless skin.


It is important to know what kind of imperfections can be an impediment for you to get to be a hand model. For example, birthmarks, crooked fingers, uneven nails and even freckles or moles, may limit your chances of getting to be a professional hand model.


Although this profession is mainly for women, who have the most narrow hands, there may also be men who want to become hand models. They recommend that they have hairless knuckles and keep their nails manicured and skin beautiful. For both, moreover, it is important to have steady hands. A hand model may be involved in maintaining the same position during long hours of shooting. The shakes or lack of strength will not help.


If you want to be a hand model, you must have patience. The hours of shooting are many, for this reason you must learn to hold long positions and obey orders. Learn how to place your hands in nice and expressive ways.


After you've found your strongest points, it's time to get a job as a model. Make a portfolio or book with several photos of your hands with various postures. Look for a photographer who works at a good price. Before the session, try to get a good manicure, your hands will be your tool. It is important to also add a photo of your hands around your face, they may need a picture of your face.


With your book ready, it is time to send it to the modelling agencies. Send it to the most reputable agencies and to those who are beginning, all may be an opportunity for you.


If agencies call you for a casting, congratulations, you will have achieved the first step. Be polite in the interview and remember to dress your hands and yourself perfectly. Presence is the most important in any interview. Likewise, appear professional and committed in your test.


If you get a job as a hand model remember that you must always keep them maintained. Furthermore, you must touch everything like it's a glass, carefully and making your hands the most beautiful element of your body.


Remember to keep your hands 100% clean and perfect for any occasion and not moisturize them too much or they may appear oily.


With patience, constancy and perseverance you can manage to be a pro. If you do not fit in the first profiles, do not give up. Keep trying, for sure there is a professional opportunity for you.

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How to Be a Hand Model