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How to Be a Feminine Woman

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Be a Feminine Woman

Femininity is a way of shouting from the rooftops the pride of being a woman, and everything else relating to our gender. A feminine woman conveys many positive things: safety, joy, comfort, authenticity. There are women whose femininity comes to them naturally, others try and find it a little harder, and some are not interested at all. The important thing is to note that femininity cannot be imposed, it should be something that arises from within. So if the mirror has intrigued you and you're interested in removing any feature which may describe you as scruffy, you've come to the right place because this OneHowTo.com article will tell you how to be a feminine woman.

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Steps to follow:


The first step to be a feminine woman is to worry about your appearance. It's not about whether you are fat or thin, or if you have large or small breasts, it is your personal care and hygiene. Always be perfumed, with styled hair, shaved legs and armpits, dressed in clean, ironed clothes and footwear that is not damaged is important to improve your image, your self-esteem and to be more feminine.


A foolproof trick to be feminine is to get a modern haircut. Change your look and give a new look to your hair. Getting a haircut has the ability to refresh and often soften facial features, not to mention that will make you feel flirty and beautiful, and this transmits and results in being more feminine.

How to Be a Feminine Woman - Step 2

A feminine woman always smiles. Femininity is closely related to self-love and acceptance of ourselves. When you're happy with who you are and accept your body and your personality, you will feel so complete that it is impossible not to meet everyone with a smile. Wherever you arrive, show your best smile and contagious joy.

How to Be a Feminine Woman - Step 3

As part of personal care it is very important to always have groomed hands and feet. It's not about being a slave to a beauty salon, but to make sure your limbs are clean, attractive and presentable. That says a lot about yourself and the importance you give to your life. Try to start doing manicures and pedicures at home.

How to Be a Feminine Woman - Step 4

Do not leave the house without makeup. There are women who do not like makeup and go out with poor complexion and without any care. To be feminine, you do not have to put on all your makeup, but at least apply your face powder to reduce oiliness and the shininess of your face, a little blusher so you look in good health, mascara so your eyes shine look and a little lipstick.

How to Be a Feminine Woman - Step 5

The way you dress says a lot about you. To be feminine you do not have to be fashion blogger, just don't wear torn or worn out clothes and make room in your wardrobe for more colorful clothes. Always dressing in the same colors makes us seem like we always look the same, we don't stand out, so it is preferable to own several blouses in different shades to vary our appearance. Learn how to combine colors in clothes for more.

How to Be a Feminine Woman - Step 6

Accessories can salvage anything. To be feminine, never go without earrings, opt for delicate and small ones if you do not like them. Necklaces, bracelets, bags, shoes... can modify the same outfit infinite times. Accessories will make you look flirty, distinct and concerned about your appearance.

How to Be a Feminine Woman - Step 7

Watch your behavior. Knowing how you express yourself to others, what tone you use, how you treat those around you, how you behave when you're with your friends, when you are with men and when you're with your family, can help you discover behaviors that you must modify. Avoid profanity, expressing yourself with a proud and masculine tone, speak with respect, use manners and do not interrupt people when they speak.


Women are your best allies, so do not envy any other women, appraise any goals they have achieved and embrace any relationship with other women, as this is how you will feel most feminine, when you share your life, doubts and fears with other women, sharing tips, giving advice and cherishing amazing memories together.

How to Be a Feminine Woman - Step 9

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How to Be a Feminine Woman