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How to Avoid Dark Underarms

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
How to Avoid Dark Underarms

The underarm skin is extremely delicate and when it doesn't regenerate properly, the appearance of unattractive dark spots are very common. Although the problem of discoloration may be due to hereditary factors or hormonal changes, the fact is that in most cases they're caused by daily habits that can easily be avoided, so you can achieve perfect, spotless armpits. Continue reading this article at and discover how to avoid dark underarms with these simple steps.

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Steps to follow:


Like what similarly happens in the face, the armpits also accumulate dead cells on the top layer of the skin and this eventually causes the area to become discolored and acquire a darker tone. Therefore, one of the main ways to avoid dark underarms is to exfoliate well once a week. Exfoliating regularly leaves the skin thoroughly clean, smooth and free of toxins.

You can always use commercial exfoliating products, but a great option is to make a homemade sugar and lemon scrub which also will help to lighten the dark underarm skin.

How to Avoid Dark Underarms - Step 1

Most deodorants and antiperspirants that are used for underarm odor contain a lot of chemicals, and are one of the main causes for darkening the armpits. To avoid damaging the skin in that area prematurely, it's best to choose mild deodorants that are alcohol-free and suitable for sensitive skin and contain a formula combining both deodorant and antiperspirant. Those containing only antiperspirant clog the pores. Therefore, it's recommended to use roll-on or cream deodorants that don't dry out the skin.

How to Avoid Dark Underarms - Step 2

Excessive underarm sweating, a condition that's called hyperhidrosis, also causes an excess of pigmentation in the skin in the form of dark spots. In the case of developing this problem, you should start the indicated treatment to limit the activity of the sweat glands and wear clothes made from breathable natural fibres. You can also make some dietary changes, since there are certain foods that can aggravate this condition.

How to Avoid Dark Underarms - Step 3

When the underarm hair is shaved, instead of eliminating the roots of the hair, it only does so on a superficial level, so that as soon as it grows back, the skin has that darker, unflattering look. In addition, the continued use of razor blades can cause irritation and ingrown hairs which compromise the health of the skin. The best way to avoid dark underarms is to use other methods of hair removal such as hot or cold wax. Or, if you have the opportunity, to use more advanced techniques like a laser or photoepilation to permanently remove the hair.

How to Avoid Dark Underarms - Step 4

Exposing the underarm skin to the sun is another common practice that can cause the appearance of dark spots. Not only should you protect yourself when you sunbathe for several hours, but also when you wear sleeveless blouses or dresses. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF and apply it to the armpits and other exposed parts of the body, even when you're not in direct sun.

How to Avoid Dark Underarms - Step 5

With these tips, you can avoid dark underarms easily and show off that area with comfort and confidence on any occasion. If you have dark underarms, you'll be interested to learn about methods and techniques that can help lighten them and make those spots disappear. In addition to careful daily hygiene, there are some effective natural remedies that you can check out in this article how to lighten underarm skin. Read it and discover the results for yourself.

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How to Avoid Dark Underarms