How to Apply Makeup According to Your Face Shape

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Apply Makeup According to Your Face Shape

Before applying makeup, it's important to identify your face shape to work with your imperfections and properly apply makeup. Something to always keep in mind, is that light colors enhance your face's contours, while dark colors hide and deepen them. In this article, we'll help you identify what type of face shape you have, in order to apply the makeup that best suits you. Check out the following article at how to apply makeup according to your face shape.

However you apply your makeup, make sure you use tricks to make your makeup last longer.

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Steps to follow:

If you have an oval face, this means that you practically don't have to wear makeup or apply corrective makeup since it's considered the perfect face shape. You can use any type of makeup you think looks best on your skin type and color.

Our tip is to enhance your natural beauty, camouflaging any imperfection you may have with a concealer and illuminate the top of your cheekbone with some blush, starting from the higher part of your cheekbone and the T zone (forehead, nose and chin) with a highlighter, and slightly darken the lower cheekbone with blush, applying it from your cheek to your forehead, to highlight and define your facial traits. Regarding eyes and lips, anything goes, so choose whatever shadow and color you prefer.

How to Apply Makeup According to Your Face Shape - Step 1

The following is for a triangle-shaped face. This means you have a broad forehead, a long, narrow chin and elongated cheeks. This means you'll want to soften your harder-looking features. To do so you'll have to play with a contrast of lights and shadows that we now proceed to explain.

Apply your usual makeup foundation and apply another tone that's darker right below your cheekbone, the hairline and the base of your chin. You can also use a highlighter to brighten the high part of your cheekbones and the temples, this will avoid your chin looking too sharp. When you apply blush, always do so from bottom to top to soften your traits and mark your cheekbones.

How to Apply Makeup According to Your Face Shape - Step 2

Next, we discuss a square face. This type of face has a very angular jawline and a wide forehead. This gives it a hard look, which is why you'll try and hide these areas to soften your features.

First of all, it's important to soften the jawline. To do so, we advise you to apply some darker shadow on your jaw and temples after your usual foundation, making sure you blend the product in properly to avoid blotches. To take the attention from the jaw, avoid dark and intense lipstick and go for soft and natural tones.

How to Apply Makeup According to Your Face Shape - Step 3

Long faces or oval faces are characterized by having a pretty wide forehead and a very fine chin, which is why it's important to give this face type some wideness and even its proportions.

In this case, the trick is to use two different tones as a makeup base, a lighter tone and a darker tone. Apply the lightest on the whole face and the darkest on the forehead and chin. Apply blush horizontally, from the center of the cheek outwards. We advise you to highlight


Last but not least, round faces, which have wide cheeks and general facial wideness. The main aim in this case is to sharpen it a little to stylize it and make it look visually thinner.

How to do so? First, contour your face applying darker foundation on the following areas: from the border of the jaw to the temple (both sides), the hairline, the external part of the eyes and under the chin. Then, apply some highlighter in the center of the forehead, nose bridge, center of the chin and eyebrow arch.

Highlight your eyes with a smokey-eye tone and use white eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes to make them look wider. Reds, pinks and oranges are perfect to give your lips some limelight. Apply blush under your cheeks diagonally towards the temples.

How to Apply Makeup According to Your Face Shape - Step 5

Eye makeup should be applied according to your eye shape and not face shape. Read our article on How to apply eye makeup according to your eye shape to find out how you should be wearing it.

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How to Apply Makeup According to Your Face Shape
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How to Apply Makeup According to Your Face Shape

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