How to apply make up to lips to make them look fuller

How to apply make up to lips to make them look fuller

Thick, fleshy lips are very sensual, sexy and appealing. However, although we would love to have them, we are not all blessed with such sexy and full lips like those of Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel. But, as always, availing ourselves of our precious make up products we can create an optical effect and make lips look thick and beautiful naturally. In OneHowTo we bring you a few simple yet useful tricks, discover how to apply make up to lips to make them look thicker.

Steps to follow:

Lips will not be beautiful if they are not well hydrated. So before you start applying make up apply a moisturising lip balm on the lips and massage gently. If you notice that the skin on your lips is too dry and cracked, you will want to carry out once a week a complete exfoliation of the area.


Now, just as with the rest of the face, apply a base on lips. That will allow us to blend the tone, hide imperfections and, most importantly, have the lipstick fixed much more and stay intact.


The first and essential step to make your lips look thicker is profiling or lip lining. Not to get a too artificial finish, ideally use a lip liner in a similar tone to the natural colour of your lips, like beige and light tones. First, outline the lips on the natural contour and then to add volume make a second line slightly above the natural lip line. Blend the line with a small brush.


Then use a liner pencil of the same colour as the lipstick you will use and filled both the upper and lower lip. This trick is ideal to give intensity to the colour, at the end of applying the make up you will get increase lip volume, making these look much thicker.


To colour, choose lipsticks with a creamy texture and light colours because, unlike the dark tones, these will make your lips appear thicker and bright. Pink, natural tones and peaches are great to highlight the beauty of your lips and be radiant.


As a final touch, apply a little gloss right in the centre of the lips to brighten them. You will get more volume and very juicy lips. Have a look at our article on how to use lip gloss to make sure you get it just right.

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