How To Apply Indian Bridal Makeup

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 31, 2017
How To Apply Indian Bridal Makeup

Undoubtedly, a girl looks best on her wedding day. You’re nervous, stressed and excited at the same time, and nothing else matters than looking breathtakingly gorgeous on your big day. Here at, we will share some simple tips that can help you look gorgeous on your special day. An Indian bride is shy, red and glittery. Here is how to apply Indian bridal makeup with expertise.

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Preparing for the wedding day

If you want your skin to look glowing and radiant on your wedding day, then start following a simple face cleansing routine 3-4 times a day for at least one month before your wedding. Always keep your skin covered under a moisturizing lotion so as to protect it from blemishes and dull spots caused by everyday dust and dirt. Apply a suitable face pack regularly to get rid of dullness and oiliness on your skin.

Applying the face makeup

· Choose the right shade of foundation, keeping in mind your skin complexion. Click here to know to know how to apply mousse foundation

· The foundation will cover your marks and blemishes, while a concealer is required to get rid of any unwanted spots and marks on your face, including dark circles.

· Apply some powder, as it will set your foundation and keep it in place.

· Blush is an essential. Smile in front of a mirror and apply the blush on apples of your cheeks. This will also give you a fresh look, and give a hint of color to your face. Blend the color of your cheeks smoothly with a brush.

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How To Apply Indian Bridal Makeup - Applying the face makeup

Applying the eye makeup

· Start by applying light eye shadow base on your eyes. This will open them up and make them look bigger

· Once the base has been set, apply the eye shadow color you like. Make sure that the color you choose matches with your wedding dress.

· Use a gel-based liner to line your eyes according to your eye shape.

· Make your eye lashes luscious and stunning with mascara. A smudge-proof and water-roof mascara is better.

How To Apply Indian Bridal Makeup - Applying the eye makeup

Applying the lip makeup

· Both lip gloss and lipstick look nice, but do not forget to line your lips with a liner to keep the lipstick in place.

· Most Indian wedding dresses have shades of red or pink. So, it is easy to match the color of your lips with that of your outfit.

· Apply more lipstick towards the center, as it will give a look of fuller lips and pout.

How To Apply Indian Bridal Makeup - Applying the lip makeup

Completing the look with hairstyle

· The hairstyle you choose will define your entire Indian bridal look. So, try out different ones before the final day, and choose the one that best suits your face shape.

· Accessorize with bands, beads, tiaras, clips etc.

You might also want to wear a bindi that goes well with your face shape.

How To Apply Indian Bridal Makeup - Completing the look with hairstyle

Once you are done

Once you have applied your bridal makeup, ask a friend to carry your kit with you, so that you can touch up whenever required. Also carry some bobby pins and some safety pins, in case you need to tighten up your dress or hairdo.

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How To Apply Indian Bridal Makeup
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How To Apply Indian Bridal Makeup

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