How to apply eye shadow correctly

How to apply eye shadow correctly

Ensuring that your eyes are the protagonists of your face is very easy by using eye shadows that suit you. Highlighting your eyes and bringing out their colour is the best way to stand out from the crowd with a deep and intense look, eye shadows make your eyes look bigger and more expressive. In this article we show you how to apply eye shadow correctly so that little by little you can practice and perfect your technique, creating a professional makeup look.

Steps to follow:

The shade you choose doesn't matter, but you should know that to apply eye makeup properly like a true professional you should use three different colours from the same colour rangeand blend them. You will need: an eye shadow in the main colour that marks your look, a darker shade to create depth and contrast and another lighter shade to highlight and illuminate the eye shadow.


Before applying eye makeup apply a primer across the eyelid area, as this makes the product stay intact for longer, prevents the appearance of folds and intensifies the colour of the shadow. For a professional finish, learn a few tips to make your makeup last longer.


First, apply the main colour eye shadow around the eyelid. Start at the inside and spread it out with a medium brush. Remember that the tone of this shadow marks your definitive look, so make sure that you like the colour and that it suits you.


Then, take the darker tone to mark depth. Apply it right at the bottom of the eyelid, a good trick for applying makeup to this area is to look up and draw a line from the crease of your eye along your upper eyelashes right to the end with an applicator. Pass the brush over the area several times and extend the eye shadow outwards and upwards.


Finally, take the lighter shade (illuminator) and highlight the inner corner of your eye, where the tear duct is, and just below the arch of your eyebrow, blend it outwards without actually applying to your eyebrow. You'll get a look which is full of life!


For eyes that stand out more and for a more intense and seductive look learn how to apply makeup according to your eye shape and how to apply eyeliner.

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