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How Often Should You Apply Hair Masks?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. February 6, 2017
How Often Should You Apply Hair Masks?

A cream bath or hair mask is a surefire ally to keep our hair hydrated, nourished and beautiful. This kind of product is designed to provide deep hydration to the hair in order to protect it from the damage that results from extreme heat, sun, cold and the high temperatures from appliances like dryers and irons.

You can find commercial hair masks or you can make your own - but do you know how often you should apply hair masks? Read on this oneHOWTO article and we'll give you the answer.

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  1. Why it is important to use a hair mask?
  2. How often should you apply hair masks?
  3. How to apply hair masks

Why it is important to use a hair mask?

A hair mask is a product that gives our hair deep hydration and nutrition, helping improve its appearance and strengthen it. Applying hair masks regularly is important if you want your hair to stay healthy, especially if you're a frequent user of hair dryers, flat irons and curling wands. These appliances use extreme heat, which deteriorate and break down the hair significantly.

In the market you will find cream baths for every hair type and need, so you can choose the most suitable one to help you enhance the natural beauty of your hair. If you have more doubts, you can learn more about what are hair masks used for here.

How often should you apply hair masks?

As for how often should you use hair masks or cream baths, it really depends on the state of your hair's health and the degree to which you want to care for it.

If your hair is severely damaged, dry and brittle, if you color it regularly and if you frequently use the hair dryer or flat iron, we recommend applying hair masks once a week. Take a look at our deep-nourishing masks, such as how to make a honey mask for hair and how to make an avocado hair mask.

If you have healthy hair but want to maintain its hydration and beauty, you can apply a hair mask every 15 days. If your hair tends to oiliness, you should also reduce the frequency and consider lighter hair masks such as a green clay mask.

How to apply hair masks

Applying hair masks is very simple, although the method depends on the kind of hair mask you're using: always read the labels of the product.

If you're using a commercial hair mask, start by washing your hair the way that you usually do. Apply shampoo, rinse well and squeeze the hair a bit so that the excess water is removed. Then, distribute the hair mask on the lower half of your hair, avoiding the roots that they do not become greasy. Gently massage the hair to make sure the product is spread evenly. Let the mask act for ten minutes - or the time period indicated in the label. For more effective results, put on a shower cap. With the heat, the product will be absorbed much better, getting more professional results.

Homemade and organic masks, on the other hand, are usually applied before washing the hair and left to act for longer - 20 minutes is a good general rule.

This is how often should you apply hair masks. What kind of hair do you have? How often do you use them? Tell us in the comments section!

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How Often Should You Apply Hair Masks?