How Moisturize your Skin after the Beach

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Moisturize your Skin after the Beach

Summer means specific care for our skin to make up for constant sun exposure, especially if we're going to the beach. We want to tan all over, so we spend too many hours baking on the sand. However, UV rays can be very harmful if we overexpose to the sun or if we do not take the necessary safety measures.

Dry skin is one of the most visible and immediate effects. It can only be countered with nourishing cream, lotions and hydrating drinks after we've showered and exfoliated properly. Here at OneHowTo we'll show you how to moisturize your skin after the beach.

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Steps to follow:

Prior to properly hydrating your skin, it is recommended that you cleanse it in depth regularly to remove salt and other debris from the sand or the ocean. To do this, use body and facial exfoliant scrubs to remove impurities and dead skin cells. Apply them weekly to allow for a much better absorption of the creams and lotions you will apply later.

Exfoliate the skin as you take a warm shower, as it will help you to relax and moisturize the whole body naturally.

How Moisturize your Skin after the Beach - Step 1

First, the most basic step to moisturize the skin after a day at the beach is to apply body moisturizer all over the body to nourish the skin and prevent it from getting too dry after the salt and the sun.

It is recommended to use a cream that contains elastin and collagen to stimulate the re-growth of these elements in your organism, as the sun destroys those components and your body needs to produce them once again. By doing all this, you'll stop premature aging in its tracks.

Do not forget that the face should also be continuously hydrated. You should use a specific facial cream for the skin, since the skin is more delicate than on the rest of the body. If your face is dry and red after going to the beach, you should use a calming night cream so that the skin can be repaired and deeply nourished as you sleep.

In addition to moisturizing products, it is also very important to drink lots of liquids to hydrate the body from inside out; this will help your skin regain its previous freshness and elasticity.

How Moisturize your Skin after the Beach - Step 2

It is likely that one of our goals in going to the beach is to tan our skin naturally, which certainly requires some extra care if it is to look good. We recommended using a product to prolong the tan.

A moisturizing lotion with aloe vera, for instance, can maintain the tan while preventing the appearance of marks and peeling caused by sunburns. But that golden tone will also be extended if we drink plenty of natural fruit juices and eat certain foods such as carrots, which bring shine and much-needed vitamins to our skin.

How Moisturize your Skin after the Beach - Step 3

Regarding that last point, it is good to know that sunburn can be treated with specific nourishing creams for that purpose. We can enhance the effects of these calming lotions by applying chamomile bags on the affected area, which will relieve the burning sensation. We can also use homemade aloe vera ice cubes to cool the skin.

How Moisturize your Skin after the Beach - Step 4

Now that you know how to moisturize your skin after the beach, tell us your skincare tips in the comments section.

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How Moisturize your Skin after the Beach
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How Moisturize your Skin after the Beach

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