Home Remedies To Prevent Calluses On Feet

Home Remedies To Prevent Calluses On Feet

Tight shoes, heat, standing up all day long, sticky sweat... there are many factors that make us end up with nasty calluses on our feet. Besides the aesthetic disadvantages they entail, especially in the summer time, the hardness on the foot can cause pain and discomfort which is really bothersome especially when walking, and generally a bit of a nightmare.

Although there is no fool proof way to avoid them, we can always try to carry out some actions to prevent calluses from forming. Here at OneHowTo.com we have some tips so you know how to avoid getting calluses on your feet.

Steps to follow:

Choose your shoes well, assuring you buy the size that you need and that you are most comfortable in. Try on several pairs and walk around as much as possible to get a good feel for the best option.


For daily use, it is best to choose shoes of soft, flexible materials which allow the skin to breathe. If you must add a few inches, it is best to choose low heels.


Do not wear the same shoes every day, you must alternate between shoes and shoe types: sports shoes, loafers, sandals in summer, winter boots, etc.


Avoid narrow, high-heeled shoes with narrow toes as they encourage the onset of hard feet.


In case you already may have hard feet, use some kind of padding to temporarily ease the pain that you're afflicted with.


When you shower or bathe, dry your feet well, especially between the toes and on the soles of the feet. You can use a pumice stone to get rid of excessive dead skin.


Apply moisturizer on your feet after washing and rub in thoroughly to ensure it is absorbed into the skin.


If you have corns between your toes, it is recommended that you keep them apart with cotton and apply talcum powder to absorb any moisture.


The ideal solution is to go to a chiropodist for the best treatment. But we can also offer some tips and home remedies on how to remove foot calluses. If you also have corns on your feet then you can find some advice about home remedies to get rid of corns and calluses here at OneHowTo.

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  • Walking barefoot on the beach is a good way to remove calluses from your feet.