Hairstyles for Rainy Days for Short Hair

Hairstyles for Rainy Days for Short Hair

Rainy days are full of humidity, moisture and water. Most of us do not want to let our hair loose and let them hang. Hair becomes frizzy on rainy days, and they look oiled and stuck to each other. Now that we can’t leave them loose and still we want to look good, it becomes important to know how to manage them on rainy days. If you have short hair, you have an added benefit. We have already told you about Hairstyles for Rainy Days for Long Hair. Here at, we have come up with some great hairstyles for rainy days for short hair.

Curly hawk hairstyle

This is a great hairstyle if your hair frizzes quite a lot or have natural curly hair, and you can do it no matter your length unless you have it over your ear.

After washing, let your hair dry on its own naturally .Take a section of your front hair in a triangle shape, and fix with a clip. Take a section of hair from the top side of each hair, and tie them together in a ponytail. Take a section of hair from the bottom of your scalp as well, while leaving a part of loose hair, and tie in a ponytail. Now take the chunk of hair you left in the bottom, and secure them with a bobby pin at the nape of your neck. Comb all the ponytails together so that they look like a single section. They will be set on the top of your head to look like a hawk hairstyle.

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Romantic updo

If you have bob length short hair, then this romantic updo can be a workable option for you on rainy days. Whether you have straight or curly hair, use a curling iron to style your hair into springy curls, and backcomb slightly at the crown. Sweep your hair to make a deep parting at a side, and grab some sections to secure them with pins. Any strands and curls can be curled to look clean.


Sock bun

Sock buns are elegant, chic and modern, but they are an issue for women with short hair. If you have short hair, then you can focus on getting a messy look rather than stressing about perfectly held together, sleek locks. It will not only look modern, but will also add some volume to your short hair.

Volume boosting ponytail

If you have short hair, you will definitely love to give an extra boost to your volume. To make this volume boosting ponytail, divide your hair strands into three separate sections, make a low ponytail with the center one, and pull it tight. Take other sections of the hair on both sides, and pin them on the top of this central ponytail to look voluminous. This will be a great hairstyle for rainy days too.

The power of hair gel

if you have really short hair, hair gel is your best ally. Use it in a similar way as men would, style it as you prefer, hair to one side, hair up or slick it back, whichever looks best on you. The hair gel will ensure that it all looks in place and your style is impeccable. You can draw inspiration from Kristen Stewart.

Hat or scarf

Nothing to do with your hair? Why not throw on a faux-fur hat to cover up your frizzy hair? You can also wrap a fashionable scarf around your head as if it were a turban, you'll look absolutely glamorous.

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