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Hairstyles For An Oval Face Shape

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 30, 2017
Hairstyles For An Oval Face Shape

Often you want to change your hairstyle and have a completely different look, but you're afraid that a new haircut won't look good on you. Finding the perfect hairstyle for you should ultimately depend on the shape of your face. Taking this into account will help you avoid making an unflattering choice. In the following article at, we talk specifically about oval faces and give you some good ideas about the best hairstyles for an oval face shape to consider if you're thinking of revamping your image.

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Steps to follow:


Oval face characteristics

Oval faces stand out from the rest because they're considered the ideal, due to their symmetry, with a little more width in the cheekbones, a medium-sized forehead and a fairly thin and non-protruding jaw. The main feature is the perfect balance between the face length and width, and that's why women with this face shape can pull off almost any haircut, since most styles flatter them and enhance their beauty.


Usually, bangs go well with oval faces but if you want to draw attention away from the length of your face and make it look more round, we suggest opting for straight bangs that come to eyebrow level for straight or slightly wavy hair. With a stylish haircut, you'll project a fresh and youthful look.

Hairstyles For An Oval Face Shape - Step 2

If you're not sure about having bangs and you don't have time to cut and style them regularly, check out these two styles that are perfect for oval faces. On the one hand, we find that bangs cut at an angle are perfect to sport a very feminine, seductive look and, secondly, the open fringe bangs made fashionable by Spanish sports journalist, Sara Carbonero. The latter is great if you want to frame the face and emphasize the expressiveness of your facial features.

Hairstyles For An Oval Face Shape - Step 3

Another haircut for oval faces that's very flattering and trendy is to have long hair with a natural wave that's parted in the middle. Also, you can layer the hair slightly, giving it more volume, body and enhancing its thickness, styling it with boho chic hairstyles.. If you want to know how to style your hair to create these waves, take a look at the following article:

Hairstyles For An Oval Face Shape - Step 4

For some time now, the bob haircut has been a popular style favoured by celebrities who prefer to sport short hair or flaunt a completely different look. The truth is, it's a very feminine haircut that goes well with both straight and curly hair, although the latter is a little more difficult to style and tame.

Hairstyles For An Oval Face Shape - Step 5

Oval faces, as we mentioned earlier, are beautiful with almost any hairstyle. So if you're feeling daring, try the trendy pixie cut. This boyish cut looks fabulous on women with a thin and perfectly symmetrical face. Draw inspiration from Kristen Stewart's new haircut. Furthermore, it's very easy and practical, and ideal if you don't have a lot of time to spend on your hair, or use straighteners, dryers and other hair styling tools.

Next, learn how to apply makeup according to your face shape.

Hairstyles For An Oval Face Shape - Step 6

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Hairstyles For An Oval Face Shape