Haircuts for Wavy Hair and a Round Face

Haircuts for Wavy Hair and a Round Face

We know this world has many different facial shapes and natural hairstyles. Still, it can be very difficult to either find the right one for us or to find something new and interesting. To find the right options for haircuts and styles, we should be as specific as possible. Some people may not like it if they have a round face and wavy hair, but oneHOWTO is her to say you couldn't be in a better position. There are many styles which can work for this face-shape and hair-type.

Our list of 10+ haircuts for wavy hair and a round face work to use the contrasting lines and contours of these traits. There is something for you, whether you want something modern or more traditional.

Tousled bob with controlled waves

Although long hair generally helps to refine the features of a round face, you do not have to give up a short hairstyle if this is what you want. This bob cut, which lets the wavy hair fall just to the height of the ears, leaving the neck totally clear, is ideal for and enhancing the upper chest area. Its secret lies in wearing it without sharp ends, to achieve a fun and youthful touch. Control the volume of the waves with the help of a fixing product.

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Pixie cuts for wavy hair and a round face

Finding a wavy haircut for a round face is not always an easy task if you have very short hair. However, currently one of the most fashionable hairstyles is the pixie cut that will make your face look clean and stylized. The volume of the waves, which naturally drop across the face, helps to disguise the width of the face. Elongation is a good luck for those with a wide face.

In addition, you have two options to use a pixie cut to reduce roundness even more:

  • Complete it with extensive bangs at the side, which breaks the facial oval.
  • Leave two strands, straight or in the shape of a wave, as long sideburns.

These two simple tricks will create vertical lines that break the roundness of your face.

Layers with scrolled ends for wavy hair

Without a doubt, this is one of the best cuts for wavy hair and a round face. The long and scrolled hair refines the face and favors it to be framed, concealing the width of the cheeks . In addition, wearing a layered cut will make your hair look lighter, enhancing its natural movement. Finally, scrolling the ends of each strand accentuates the sharp effect of the face, resembling that of a diamond type.

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Curtain cut for wavy hair and long face

In the curtain cut, the bangs are the main protagonist. As its name suggests, it opens partially in the center on both sides of the head, following the contour of the face. The curtain hairstyle respects the volume of the upper area, creating a deep and pronounced layer at the height of the ears that lets the rest of the hair fall naturally. This fringe also works perfectly in updos or ponytails.

For a round face, the ideal is to respect this volume at the top or wear the bangs rather long to achieve that refined effect on the face. The result is a classic long hair, with sixties style, which stands out for its elegance and subtle movement.

Asymmetric haircut for wavy hair

An asymmetrical cut always gives good results you want to find the balance between the facial oval and the waves of the hair. In wavy haircuts and a round face, asymmetry seeks to play with the contrasts of lines and volumes that break the outline of the face.

The basis for an asymmetrical cut is to divide the hair into two halves and give it different lengths. Also, you can choose to wear an extremely short or shaved part of the head to achieve a starker contrast. Another possibility is to clear both sides and leave your curls only at the top, giving an even more vertical look.

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Long shaggy haircut for wavy hair

One of the most fashionable haircuts for wavy hair and a round face in recent years is the shaggy cut. This fun hairstyle uses layers and irregular lines, ideal for reducing the roundness of the face. With an air of wildnes and an untamed look, the shaggy highlights the natural waves of the hair.

There are many ways to wear the long shaggy cut, and you can choose the one you like best based on your personal style. There are them with bangs, straight and open, without bangs, with colored highlights, Californian highlights, etc.

Half straight hair with choppy bangs

A perfect combination for wavy hair and a round face. If you don't like layers, this cut may interest you. The half straight hair with choppy bangs consists of bringing your wavy hair to the height of the shoulders ending in a straight line. This means the ends are perfectly aligned. For the final finish, the irregular bangs with paraded ends will be the one that will provide a contrast of vertical lines to break the roundness of the face.

Laddered haircut for wavy hair

It's one of the simplest and most flattering ways to create an oblique line in your wavy hair to refine a round face. One of the advantages of this cut is that you have it at whatever length you prefer. The important thing is to achieve that 'ladder' effect starting from a nape, with shorter waves, and prolonging the length of the strands as they get closer to your face.

This is a cut very similar to the mullet, loved and hated in equal measure, with a disheveled style that is achieved through step-like cuts and layers. It is a perfect option for very round faces, since it favors the contrast of the facial features, providing an optical effect of an elongated face.

Coloring the end of wavy hair

Do you have a round face and wavy hair? The best way to visually contribute to lengthening the facial oval is to opt for color. Choose a cut that allows your hair to reach the height of the clavicle, like the log bob, and ends up giving your curls a soft finish. For the look to be a total success, complete with a color based on tone-on-tone highlights that creates contrasts, as well as a sensation of volume and movement. To hide the roundness of the cheeks, choose dark tones such as reddish or bluish to help frame the face.

Very marked stripe

If you are someone who prefers classic and simple hairstyles, a flattering proposal for wavy hair and a round face is one that opts for the medium length of hair with a well-defined parting. This creates two differentiated blocks in the hair. The prominence of the stripe in the middle will manage to create two geometric volumes that will counteract the roundness of the face. Another possibility is to part the part to one side ensuring that your curls fall in soft waves on one side and on the other they shoot in the form of a large lock.

Whether or not you have a round face, if you have long hair, you'll want to check out these haircuts for long wavy hair.

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