Exercises to fatten the face

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Exercises to fatten the face

There are people who are genetically very skinny, and this is especially noticeable in their face, where the lack of fat makes the facial bones really stand out. In other cases, a very slim face is the result of being extremely underweight, whether caused by a disease or by a very low calorie diet. If you feel that your face is to skinny, will provide some exercises to fatten the face.

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Steps to follow:

In general, all activities proposed will be very simple and will not tire you. Nonetheless, to make a noticeable difference, they must be carried out daily for some time.

To ensure that the cheeks do not appear sunken, take all air that you can and keep within the mouth, the same time inflating cheeks, as if your face was a balloon. Hold this for about 15 seconds. Exhale, take a pause breathing normally, and start again. Repeat 5 times.


The following exercise to fatten the face is similar to the last in its start: you have to fill the mouth with air and stretch the cheeks. However, instead of maintaining the position, what you should do is inflate and contract the cheeks 10 times. Then exhale and rest, breathing normally. Do 3 repetitions.


In this other activity the tongue also comes into play. You must fill, as with the earlier exercises to fatten the face, all the oral cavity with air. Once ready begin to run your tongue through the inside of your cheeks, from left to right to left and right, for some 15 seconds. If you find it difficult to hold your breath, released the air and start again.


To perform this exercise properly you will need some practice, but you will soon be able to do it naturally. Fill the mouth with air, but this time not to its maximum capacity. The reason is that you have to leave space for the air to flow from side to side. This is the exercise action required. First, place all air in one side of the mouth, then move it all to the other side. Repeat the movement for some 15 seconds.


If your thin face is due to a sudden thinning, it is also appropriate that you carry out exercises to combat facial sagging, a condition resulting in your face appearing aged.


A healthy diet and the elimination of products such as tobacco and alcohol will also be of great assistance to improving facial skin and giving it a more attractive appearance.

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Exercises to fatten the face
Exercises to fatten the face

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