Easy Christmas Sweater Nails

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 20, 2017
Easy Christmas Sweater Nails

As soon as Halloween is over, all eyes are set on the holiday season. This is the time to indulge in peppermint mocha lattes, watch Hallmark holiday movies all day and dress up in those totally adorable Christmas sweaters. If you are looking for an even better idea, you may like Christmas looking nails. A fun and creative way to get into the holiday spirit is by learning how to create Christmas designs on your nails. If you are unable to find a nail salon that makes these designs, don’t fright because you can get Christmas sweater nails by following a few easy guidelines.

In this OneHowTo article we share an idea for easy Christmas sweater nails.

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Before we dig right in, make sure that you have all your supplies. You will need different color nail polishes, a detailing or striping nail art brush and a top coat. You may use holiday stickers if you wish as well. We recommend white, green and red nail polishes for the classic look; but you may opt for a more sophisticated and elegant looking ones such as gold, silver and glitter nail polishes.


For this first design, grab your white nail polish and apply a fine coat over the top half of your nails. Make sure to apply it in a moon shape leaving the bottom area bare. Don’t worry if it is uneven for now. Apply a second coat to cover any patches.

Easy Christmas Sweater Nails - Step 2

Now grab your glittery nail polish and apply a fine coat all over your nail. This shimmery step is optional but it adds a nice touch.


Then, grab your red and green nail polishes. You may use a thinner nail art brush for this step. Along the line that separates the white and glitter polish gently use your brush to create a dotted line. You may alternate colors or use red for one nail and green for the other.

Once you are done with every nail, allow them to dry and apply a top coat.

Easy Christmas Sweater Nails - Step 4

For the second design we will be replicating some of the elements found on a Christmas sweater. First, grab your red nail polish and apply a few coats over your nails. Allow this to dry well before proceeding.


Now use your finest nail art brush and paint two horizontal white lines at the top and at the bottom of each of your nails. In the center, we will be adding all the cute elements.

Easy Christmas Sweater Nails - Step 6

Then, choose three nails in each hand to paint a small white heart, a small green triangle to represent a Christmas tree and a small white snow flake. If you have trouble with the drawings you can also use holiday stickers. On the other two nails just lightly make small white dots to represent snow falling down. You don’t want to overpower your hand so this will make sure that you leave some of your nails fairly simple.



Finally, apply a top transparent coat on each nail and leave enough time for the drying process. The longer you let them dry, the better prevention from nail polish coming off.

If you decided to make the designs using metallic colors, we suggest that instead of using red as your base you pair these polishes with a white nail polish base so that you keep up with the elegant theme.

Easy Christmas Sweater Nails - Step 8

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Easy Christmas Sweater Nails
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Easy Christmas Sweater Nails

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