Chamomile Beauty Tips

By Mary Smith. January 30, 2017
Chamomile Beauty Tips

The best chamomile beauty tips are: using chamomile to lighten hair and face, to reduce swelling in the eyes and feet, and using chamomile as a facial cleanser and skin tonic.

Chamomile is not just an effective natural treatment for relieving stomach aches and indigestion, it is also great for keeping skin and hair looking beautiful. It has properties that promote healthy and youthful skin, therefore, you should definitely incorporate it into your daily routine. Don't skip the following article on the simple yet spectacular chamomile beauty tips.

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Chamomile beauty tips: hair lightener

If you have light hair, but you want to add a few extra golden highlights without resorting to dyes or professional treatments, chamomile is the answer. It is a natural ingredient that will help you lighten your hair while also protecting its natural condition. To try this beauty trick, simply prepare a homemade shampoo using two tablespoons of chamomile and three tablespoon of pH neutral shampoo.

First, prepare some chamomile tea and leave it to infuse for five to ten minutes before removing the tea bag. Next, add the neutral shampoo to the tea and mix until completely dissolved. Then, simply apply the lotion to wet hair and rinse as you would with your normal shampoo.

Chamomile Beauty Tips - Chamomile beauty tips: hair lightener

Chamomile beauty tips: combating puffiness and dark circles

If you've had a bad night and have woken up with puffy, tired eyes, nothing beats soothing chamomile. Simply make some camomile tea and, when cold, dip in two cotton pads and apply to your eyelids, leaving them to work their magic for fifteen to twenty minutes. This is excellent for reducing puffiness and dark circles, leaving you looking fresher and prettier.

Chamomile Beauty Tips - Chamomile beauty tips: combating puffiness and dark circles

Chamomile beauty tips: facial cleanser and tonic

Chamomile is a herb that can be easily incorporated into your daily facial cleansing routine and, thanks to its soothing, refreshing and purifying properties, your skin will be more than grateful. It removes impurities from face, giving it that fresh, radiant glow whilst also combating skin problems such as acne or other imperfections. We recommend that you make a cleanser and facial toner by boiling five tablespoons of chamomile flowers in one litre of water. Strain the liquid and apply it to the face when cooled.

Chamomile Beauty Tips - Chamomile beauty tips: facial cleanser and tonic

Beauty tips using chamomile: skin lightening

Both the ravages of time and exposure to external agents can leave the skin looking dull and grey. If you want to even out the tone of your skin and get a more youthful and beautiful appearance, we highly recommend trying a chamomile and honey lightening mask. Add a tablespoon of honey to a cup of chamomile tea and apply the mixture to the face, leaving it to penetrate deeply into the skin for at least fifteen minutes. Then, rinse with lukewarm water.

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Chamomile Beauty Tips - Beauty tips using chamomile: skin lightening

Beauty tips using chamomile: soothing tired feet

At the end of a long, hard day, it is normal for your feet to feel sore and even a little swollen, especially if you have gone for a long walk, exercised or worn heels. To soothe tired feet, how about treating yourself to a chamomile footbath? The chamomile has potent anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties which will leave your feet feeling fabulously refreshed.

Beauty tips using chamomile are effective and easy to do at home!

Chamomile Beauty Tips - Beauty tips using chamomile: soothing tired feet

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Chamomile Beauty Tips
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