Caring for your skin in your 20's

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Caring for your skin in your 20's

At 20, we care little for skincare but the truth is that if we start to care for our skin properly at this age we will have an excellent complexion at maturity. In other words, when in your 20's it is the best time to start caring for our face, moisturizing it and preventing wrinkles. Learn how you can get started in this article where OneHowTo explains some tips & tricks for caring for your skin in your 20's.

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Steps to follow:

To care for skin in your 20's you should religiously wash your face twice daily. It is very important that you choose a facial cleanser according to your skin type, one which is pH neutral and unscented to avoid allergies, especially if your skin type is sensitive. For your age it is recommended you use gel cleansers that are cooler and have less chemicals.

Caring for your skin in your 20's - Step 1

Do not go to bed with make-up still on, a golden rule for skin care when in your 20's. At this age our pores are still in perfect condition and are not dilated, and the key to remain this so is to never forget to remove make-up. Use a cleansing cream make-up remover; get a special one to remove waterproof mascara and long lasting lipstick if you use these products. After removing your make-up, apply facial toner and ensure your face is completely clean.

Caring for your skin in your 20's - Step 2

At 20 you should start using moisturizer twice a day: in the morning before applying make-up and leaving home and at night before going to sleep. Read our article why it is important to moisturize to understand why this is a necessary step. As at this age, your skin retains moisture very well so it is recommended that you choose a simple moisturizer, like an aloe vera lotion. The idea is to not exhaust the benefits of the cosmetics you may need later. So forget about replenishing creams or those with hyaluronic acids, choose one with collagen and which offers moisture to your face and nourishes your skin.

Caring for your skin in your 20's - Step 3

Start caring for eye contours at this age to avoid pronounced wrinkles at 40, when collagen production begins to decrease. The eye area is the most sensitive of the facial skin so it deserves special care, it is best to buy a gel or serum to moisturize this area. Apply it at the same time as the moisturizing cream. Find out when is the right time to start using eye cream in this article.

Caring for your skin in your 20's - Step 4

From age 25 you are advised to start with the use of anti-wrinkle creams. Choosing an anti-wrinkle cream for your age is not complicated. As with the moisturizer, you should opt for those that are simple and do not provide wrinkle filling capabilities as you will not have these yet and neither do you need to look younger. Choose a cream with a function that is just what you are looking for: prevention. A good alternative to commercial creams are homemade treatments, like an aloe vera lotion or egg whites.

Caring for your skin in your 20's - Step 5

Moisturizing your skin is not only a task for creams. You can also help protect your skin whilst in your 20's by making homemade anti-wrinkle mask. At this age skin receives care very well, so you can enjoy incredible results. There are many options for making moisturizing masks, like an avocado mask or egg and yogurt mask.

Caring for your skin in your 20's - Step 6

Keeping the skin clean consists of two major steps: exfoliation and facial cleaning. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells that accumulate due to pollution and make-up remains. You can do this once a week with a special scrub for the face (with small little balls or 'scrubbers'). You can make your own exfoliating face scrubs in this article.


Sunscreen is very important for skin care at 20. The sun's rays are able to burn, wither and wrinkle the skin, so the best way to avoid this is to use a sunscreen of SPF 60 every day before leaving house and reapply it at around midday, especially if you are exposed to the sun. Remember that at your age prevention is the key.

Caring for your skin in your 20's - Step 8

Avoid squinting. In addition to sunscreen on sunny days, you should wear a good pair of sunglasses. This will not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, it will prevent you from constantly squinting, causing unwanted wrinkles. Make sure that you choose a good pair of sunglasses, as a cheap pair can do more harm than good to your eyes.

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Caring for your skin in your 20's
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Caring for your skin in your 20's

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