Can I Exfoliate During Pregnancy?

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Can I Exfoliate During Pregnancy?

Skin exfoliation is necessary to eliminate dead cells on the skin and encourage cellular renewal. There are many methods used to exfoliate your face and your body, but during pregnancy, doubts always arise as to what products are and are not recommendable.

Therefore, in OneHowTo we want to give you information regarding whether you can exfoliate during pregnancy. However, you should still consult your doctor or gynecologist as it is they who will best respond to your doubts and concerns over this period which is such an important part of your life.

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During pregnancy many women have increased concerns about the beauty products and cleaners used to maintain our skin healthy and nice. It is sometimes necessary to prevent the use of certain substances that may be harmful to our health and/or the baby. You can prevent stretch marks naturally, using lemon and aloe vera, discover how in our article.


This is also the case of scrubs as many women wonder: can I exfoliate during pregnancy? And the answer is yes, but with exceptions as it is the case that certain types of scrub are not good during gestation.


Therefore, you should avoid any kind of chemical exfoliants or peelings which contain substances such as Salicylic acid, phenol, trichloroacetic acid... as these chemicals can penetrate the skin and cause adverse effects. Despite the fact that this type of exfoliation tends to be carried out by professionals, it will be necessary to consult your doctor prior to any such treatment.

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However, you can eliminate dead cells on your skin without problems through manual or mechanical exfoliants such as natural sponges, the loofah glove, gentle granulated creams, etc. In this way you will avoid jeopardizing your health and that of your baby.

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And so you can draw upon homemade scrubs made from natural products to exfoliate when pregnant, such as those which can be found in the following OneHowTo articles:

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Remember that after exfoliating your skin you must moisturize it correctly using a cream or body milk for the face or body. If you have doubts on the use of cosmetics during pregnancy, simply try to stick to ones with the most natural ingredients. Always check the label to know what is in a certain product. Furthermore, consult your gynecologist or doctor for more specific queries and information.

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Can I Exfoliate During Pregnancy?
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Can I Exfoliate During Pregnancy?

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