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Best Perfumes for Winter 2016

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Best Perfumes for Winter 2016

Everybody is looking for winter perfumes at this time of the year. Winter is fast approaching and one of the most important aspects of feeling beautiful in winter is to choose the most suitable perfume. A winter perfume must be warm, strong, sweet, even spicy, compared with a summer perfume that is typically fresh and light. This winter 2016 there are some excellent perfumes out on the market. Some of them are the all time favourites, but there are some new entries as well. Next, we will reveal the best perfumes for winter 2016.

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Temperature is one of the key elements when choosing a perfume. In winter, the fragrance tends to stay less, which is mainly due to the breeze that takes most of our perfume. It is for this reason that strong floral scents like rose, jasmine, violets and lilies are perfect for this season. In general, winter fruits such as oranges also give a good base for a winter perfume. Some of the best perfumes for winter 2016 have those fragrances.


The best perfumes for winter 2016 are sweet and very feminine, with a little spray of perfume you will already be inebriated by their aroma.


Some good examples of the best perfumes for winter 2016 are: CH from Carolina Herrera which is a floral, oriental, strong and delicious blend of Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac, praline and cinnamon. Designed for a woman who is modern, self-confident, independent and fun. With its cinnamon notes, it is ideal for winter.


YSL Elle is a very contemporary and unbridled creation, which is based on a captivating blend of peonies and berries. This fragrance is aimed at a creative woman who likes modern things, with a bohemian touch. A great perfume for winter.


Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel has flashes of Sicilian oranges and subtle chords of jasmine and rose. With a unique and exclusive fragrance for all those women interested in fashion and good taste. A great choice for winter because of its strong orangey aroma.


Victoria's Secret created a very sweet perfume, with coconut notes. It is one of the best perfumes for winter 2016 for a romantic and sensual woman.


Chloe's new perfume for winter 2016 has a lemon and amber aroma, one of the freshest winter perfumes.


Calvin Klein's deep euphoriawinter perfume is a mix of spices. It is not very sweet perfume, and it really feels like sitting in front of the fire with a cup of spiced tea.


Prada created a classic vanilla blend for this winter 2016. YOu can never go wrong with such a classic, which makes it one of the best perfumes for winter 2016.


My Burberry black, with its amber and patchouli, is a powerful almost masculine perfume.


Now you have a good list of the best perfumes for winter 2016, which one is best for you?


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  • These fragrances will give you a contemporary edge over classic floral fragrances.
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Best Perfumes for Winter 2016
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Best Perfumes for Winter 2016