Beauty Tricks Using Baby Oil

Beauty Tricks Using Baby Oil

Baby oil It is undoubtedly a classic product for babies' skin care, helping it remain well moisturised and protected against possible irritation. But did you know that it is also ideal to deeply nourish and care for our skin? It provides a superior hydration to any other lotion and we can also use it in many other beauty treatments. We invite you to discover all these in the following OneHowTo article on beauty tricks using baby oil.

Beauty tricks with baby oil: relaxing oil bath

If you have had a stressful day and what you want most is to get home and take a hot bath but and at the same time moisturize your skin, baby oil will be your greatest ally. Pouring a few drops of relaxing essential oil, such as lavender or orange in the bath water together with a splash of baby oil. The experience will be very enjoyable. In addition to releasing tension, you will notice how your skin is perfectly moisturized and incredibly soft.

Beauty tricks with baby oil: removing make-up

We know that for the skin the task of removing make-up every night before going to bed is very important. It is essential for the cell renewal of the dermis, which occurs during sleep, that this is done properly. Above all it is especially essential in areas more sensitive and vulnerable to the effects of ageing, such as eyes and their contour. If you want to keep this area forever young and beautiful, nothing more effective than using baby oil to remove make-up every day. It is much less expensive and will offer even better results than many commercial removers and your skin will thank you.

Beauty tricks with baby oil: moisturising cuticles

A key step in a flawless manicure is to remove cuticles with an orange wood stick. To do so with ease you must first soften a little in advance, and so avoid discomfort and small wounds appearing. And for the latter, baby oil is an excellent lotion. Place a few drops of baby oil just above the nail cuticles, leave to stand for a few seconds, dry your hands and apply a little moisturiser. Then you can remove them using a cuticle remover or orange stick.

Beauty tricks with baby oil: silky smooth legs

If you notice that your legs are rough to the touch due to a lack of moisture or due to being subjected to continuous hair removal with wax or razor , this beauty trick using baby oil is just right for you. Just layer on them a little baby oil right as you come out of the shower, and you will see that in a matter of days they regain their natural softness and look amazing to show off at any time.

Also, you should know that baby oil is also a good natural remedy for removing remains of wax residue impregnated in the skin after waxing which are so difficult to remove.

Beauty tricks with baby oil: dry and cracked feet

Dryness in specific areas of the foot and heel is a very common condition that we have to contend with throughout most of the year. And it becomes extremely necessary to remove foot calluses with the help, for example, of a pumice stone if we want our feet to look impeccable and soft. Moreover, it is essential to moisturise and a great trick to repair them instantly is to impregnate them with baby oil, cover them with socks overnight and leave to act. The next day your feet will be completely renewed.

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