Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil - The Best Tips

Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil - The Best Tips

The argan tree is of Moroccan provenance and gives us its oil; a natural remedy very popular thanks to its large quantities of vitamin E and nutrients which is perfect to hydrate skin and hair. For this reason, argan oil has become a must have in beauty treatments as it has properties that renew and help regenerate cells, as well as fighting signs of ageing and combating blemishes on the skin.

In OneHowTo we explain the beauty benefits of argan oil so you can put to use all the properties of this natural product in your beauty treatments, which we also explain below.

Anti-wrinkle mask with argan oil

The properties of cell regeneration mean that one of the best beauty benefits of argan oil is that it is perfect to address wrinkles on the body and the face. Next, our recipe for a anti-wrinkle mask made from argan oil:


  • 2 spoonfuls of natural yogurt without sugar
  • 1 spoonful of honey
  • 10 spoonfuls of olive oil drop argan oil

To do this beauty trick you only need to put the yogurt, honey and the argan oil in a container and stir the ingredients until completely mixed.

Apply the mask using a cotton bud on the most wrinkled areas and leave acting for 15 minutes; then wash off with water and apply your usual moisturizing cream. Follow this beauty treatment 1 or 2 times per week and in a short space of time you will see how your skin looks lighter and younger.

Argan oil for acne

Another common use you can give argan oil is in your treatment against acne. The antioxidant action of this oil is anti-inflammatory on the skin suffering acne, in addition, vitamin E contributes to the renewal of the skin.

For its use, you only need a little argan oil with tumeric (a product which is also perfect for acne). Apply the mixture on the face, as if it were a mask, and leave to act for 15 minutes. Repeated this process 3 times a week and you will see how your skin looks firmer and without acne.

Moisturize hair with argan oil

Argan oil is also a supplement perfect for hydrating your hair, making it brighter and silky. It is ideal to make this argan oil conditioner and apply once a week to notice the softening and moisturizing effect of this natural remedy.

This beauty trick with argan oil is very easy to carry out as you only need cover the entire hair, roots included, with this oil. When done, put on a shower cap and leave acting for 2 or 3 hours; afterwards you only have to wash out with your normal shampoo.

Argan oil for stretch marks

Another effective beauty trick with argan oil is for those who seek to prevent the occurrence of stretch marks: whether you have just had a baby or you are just trying to loose weight, argan oil should form part of your beauty treatments to reduce the chances of stretch mark appearing.

To use argan oil against stretch marks you only have to apply it in sensitive areas to moisturise and add elasticity. The areas most prone to have stretch marks appear are the stomach, hips, the buttocks, chest and the arms. Apply argan oil in these areas without washing off and this will be the perfect treatment to prevent stretch marks.

In this article we have more ways for you to how to eliminate stretch marks.

Exfoliate your lips with argan oil

Exfoliation of the lips is ideal to avoid the appearance of those anti aesthetic dead skins in our mouth. To make a homemade exfoliant with argan oil we must mix some drops of oil with a little brown sugar.

Dampen the lips with a bit of water and then dab the mixture on your lips softly dragging to get rid of skins and dead cells. Repeated this exfoliation once every 2 weeks and your lips will be beautiful and healthy.

Argan oil as a facial tonic

Argan oil is also an ingredient used to develop homemade tonics; for this we will have to mix a little of this oil with 2 spoonfuls of rose water. When you have the mixture ready you need only wash your face with your usual soap and then splash on the tonic.

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