6 Looks With a Maxi Coat

6 Looks With a Maxi Coat

Get bang for your buck with your maxi coat and get the most wears out of it! Maxi coats are one of the top items of the season and increasingly more women are wearing long coats that reach at least to mid-thigh. Depending on how you use it this coat can set a smarter image or one that is more urban or more fashionable, so learn all the tricks to turn your maxi coat into just the garment you need for every occasion. In this oneHOWTO article we offer you 6 looks with a maxi coat so you can see how to wear the same coat for both an important business meeting or for an afternoon of shopping and coffee with friends. Realise all of your maxi coat's potential!

Steps to follow:

One of the outfits using a maxi coat is to combine it with another great item from this season: the maxi dress or maxi skirt. With this style you will follow the boho chic trend with connotations of modern hippy women with a very feminine air to them. Also, if you combine it with accessories such as hats, necklaces, bracelets, belts, etc., you get an impressive and very striking result.

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A more urban combination perfect for events of all kinds (both formal and informal) is the set that we propose below. It involves dressing in a basic style, with skinny trousers and an elegant blouse to wear your maxi coat over. For this style it is recommended that you wear ankle boots or shoes that are simple and, if you fancy, you can wear a hat that will give a modern touch to your outfit. All these clothes and accessories can found and purchased in Forever 21.

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We continue with the maxi coat looks taking advantage of other garments that are fashionable at the moment: boyfriend jeans; in other words, that wide and worn denim that hangs on the body in a manner similar to how your boyfriend's (or any man's) jeans would look. This type of garment gives a very fashionable and informal air which can be combined with elegant accessories to counter act the style and get an outfit fit for all occasions.

We also recommend teaming your maxi coat with mom jeans, a style that is a throwback to the mid 90's and are similar to boyfriend jeans, only with a higher waist.

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Heels are also perfect for your Maxi coat. Think that, as a general rule, this type of garment looks sophisticated so if you combine it with a pair of shoes with an exaggerated heel you can give a more modern, casual and sexy touch to your outfit. As you can see in the picture, the trick lies in combining an elegant piece with other accessories that are more informal so to achieve a perfect style that is very fashionable.

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But there are also moments in which the Maxi coat can be your main look. That is, there are some coat designs that are intended to act like a maxi dress, giving it the length and flow needed to fit your body to fir you like a glove.

In these cases you only have to try to combine the tone of your shoes and handbag with the colour of your coat so that you get a perfect city style. Underneath you can wear what you like as you do not have to combine it (it is completely covered by the coat).

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But if you like hipster fashion, there is nothing better than combining a maxi coat with more casual garments such as skinny trousers and trainers. This fashion trend plays with contrasts, something very elegant (like a vest, for example) with a more casual garment (a sweatshirt, following the above example) so counter the sobriety of the coat with sport shoes to then add back the elegant touch with a handbag. This is one of the best options to follow this fashion and be completely in trend.

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